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The Bobby Rio Essentials Collection

I’ve carefully hand-picked each of these 7 training programs to give you what I consider to be the most well rounded education on meeting and attracting a woman possible - so you can shortcut your learning when it comes to approaching, flirting, and sparking attraction in a woman as quickly as possible.

This collection includes training on:

And here’s the best part: In addition to getting the entire collection for 78% off, I am also going to let you use all 7 programs risk free - for one full year - before you decide if you want to keep them.

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Program 1:Amplify the Attraction

  • Four full-length videos where I’ll show you five “attraction switches” you can pull over and over again to get a woman to feel white-hot attraction for you.
  • Everything you’re getting is the very best field-tested lines and techniques designed specifically to spark and maintain raw physical attraction.
  • 10 “Attraction Weapons” that you can use whether you’re meeting a girl for the first time, in the friend zone, or trying to re-capture the magic with a woman who is losing interest
  • Each video is structured like this: I explain to you what you need to do. I tell you why it works. And then I give you word-for-word examples you can use tonight.

regular price $47

Program 2:The Natural Approach: How To Approach and Start Conversation Effortlessly

  • The complete approach, from beginning to end, broken down for you and made super simple. Avoid rejection, go in under the radar, and keep her attention even if she’s with a crowd of people.
  • Easy Mindset Strategies- These videos will “Get your mind working with you” so you always know exactly what to say, be in the zone, and confident to start the conversation.
  • 10 Easy Places to Meet Women: You’ll learn secret spots where women going looking to meet men. These are hot women, and are desperate to meet a guy like you
  • My all-time favorite “opener” that allows you to not only start a conversation “under the radar” but also allows you to immediately jump into a fun flirty conversation (skipping the boring small talk)

regular price $67

Program 3:The Attraction Instinct: The Mind Control Tool So You Always Make the Right Move

  • You’ll get five guided visualizations that you can use to program yourself for success. I created these guided visualizations to help you overcome the five major areas that hold guys back.
  • How it works: You just listen to the audio every day for a minimum of 21 days. Listen to the guided visualization and follow along with the suggestions. And let your mind take care of the rest.
  • You’ll notice your IMAGINATION begins firing more fluidly. This means the right thing to say pops into your head. You see opportunities where you used to see obstacles. And you become more creative, funny, and bold.
  • You SURPRISE YOURSELF. You make jokes, flirt, and even get sexual in ways you’d never imagined you could.

regular price $27

Program 4:Driven to Action

  • In the past year I discovered a system that has driven me to triple my income, increase my productivity, and lose 20 lbs., all while traveling the world with my beautiful girlfriend, and I packaged the system I used to do into this 6 video program.
  • A 30 day blueprint for creating new habits that will dramatically increase the amount of women you’re naturally meeting… without the need for self-discipline or will power…
  • How to set conditions that force you to ‘stick to your word’… whether it’s to approach more girls, improve your conversation skills, or go for the kiss…
  • Use the power of rituals to always get yourself into an inspired and motivated state, how put systems in place that ensures that you take compulsive action, and eliminate undesirable behavior in a matter of days…

regular price $67

Program 5:The Secrets of Sexualized Flirting

  • On these 8 Videos you’ll discover how to close the giant gap between conversation and seduction. You will learn exact lines, phrases, and techniques for getting sexual…quick.
  • The Secret ingredients to turning it sexual without getting ‘creepy’… This one switch will prevent you from scaring off a girl who was already attracted to you… this is how you close the deal with her naturally.
  • How to harness a more ‘sexualized persona’ so that you give off a sexual vibe… this make women view you as a potential lover… and not as a friend
  • Dozens of word-for-word “field tested” flirting scripts, tactics, and techniques… guaranteed to unleash her wild side…

regular price $97

Program 6:The Love Pill: The 3 Ingredients That Make Any Woman Fall in Love with You

  • The 3 Secret Ingredients explained and how to use them to create an intense feeling of love in any woman
  • How to use an “emotional cocktail” to ignite a woman’s desire to chase YOU (even if she wasn’t initially attracted to you)
  • 3 areas of her personality you MUST engage to get inside her head and convince her you’re the only guy who ‘gets’ her (you’ll be the center of her “self worth”)
  • What to do after you sleep with her to leave her wanting more and how to develop a relationship in a way that turns her attraction toward you into ‘infatuation’

regular price $97

Program 7:Make Small Talk Sexy: Conversation Escalation

  • What this program is going to do is completely IMPLANT the skill of carrying a conversation with a woman into your game, brain, and personality, and make it a PERMANENT part of you.
  • In this training you’ll discover how to structure your conversations in way that creates a "greased slide" using an easy to remember – 6-step "formula" that GUARANTEES the conversation flows SMOOTHLY
  • 12 topics that you can use to actually ENGAGE women in conversation instead of relying on small talk, “interview” questions, or hoping for something situational… when you're talking about any of these 12 topics you'll find it twice as easy to spark attraction in the woman you're talking to.
  • 8 things you can do in the first 10 minutes of talking to a woman that will make her like you instantly.

regular price $47

“The Bobby Rio Essentials Collection”

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Add to Cart for $97

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If you’re wondering why I would offer this incredible collection for 78% off, I can assure you... it’s not just to be generous.

Here’s the reason I’m doing this:

I believe that I have the best flirting, conversation and attraction courses in the world… but it’s not enough for me to “tell” you this. After doing this for over 11 years, I know that you need to “experience” the value of the training for yourself.

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Don’t Decide For 1 Full Year!

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