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Men’s Dating Advice Guide
by Bobby Rio
Updated: August 09, 2023

dating advice for men

I’m Bobby Rio, and I love discovering and sharing new techniques for how to attract women, what to say, how to flirt, and how to spark chemistry and make her chase you.   If you’re in the friend zone, or a girl is pulling away, I’ve found ways to change her mind and regain the upper hand.  You’ll discover first date tips to make her fall in love, pass her tests, and keep her chasing you.  I’ve broken it down to include the best texts to send, phrases and words to use, and all the signs a girl likes you.

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Frequently Asked Questions

How Do I Stop a Woman From “Pulling Away”?

When a woman starts “pulling away”, the absolute first thing you should do is make sure you avoid these 5 common mistakes that scare her away for good.  It’s also important to have a good handle on how much she likes you, so you know whether or not she’s worth pursuing. 

If you’ve made mistakes already, you may need to do a blackout. But there are a few specific things to make sure you do the “blackout” the right way.  From there, it is about re-establishing attraction with her, and turning the tables so that she is chasing you.  After years of experience, I’ve found that there are certain techniques that make a woman miss you, and give a guy the “upper hand”.  This site is filled with these techniques, but for a more advanced lesson, you might want to learn the Scrambler.

What do I say to a Woman to Attract Her?

I know how frustrating and humiliating it can be to like a girl, want to talk to her, but have no clue what kind of things to say to a girl or how to have an attractive conversation.  So, throughout this site our men’s dating advice includes what type of “talk” girls find attractive, the best conversation topics, and how to introduce them into a conversation, the best questions to ask a girl, and most importantly, I’ll explain exactly what to say to a girl you like.  And you’ll learn several proven flirting formulas.

When you know what kind of things to say to a girl, what “words” to use, how to say them in a way that turns her on, and can keep a conversation moving forward, in a playful, flirtatious way, it is very easy to learn what to say to make her fall in love.

What type of Texts Should I Send?

Its’ not secret that text messaging is around 90% of your communication with a woman nowadays.  This is why we dedicate a lot of  men’s dating advice articles to the topic of texting girls.  We’ll not only provide you examples of texts to send a girl.  We will also help you decode what her texts mean.  But most important, texting is part of the “bigger picture” of drawing a woman in and making her fall in love. So we’ll show you how to incorporate chase triggers into every text you send.

How do Know if a Woman is Interested in Me?

One of the things that can hold a man back from approaching a woman or making his move is not knowing whether or not she’s interested.  This is why we’ve dedicated an entire guide to reading her interest level.  We’ll show you the signs she wants you to approach her.  What it means when she says certain things. How to find the secret meaning in her texts.  And we’ll give you “attraction tests” you can use that will let you know how much attraction she currently feels.

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