#1 Reason Why Women Reject Men

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by Bobby Rio • Updated: October 03, 2022

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This is a follow-up article to an article that I published recently talking about:

  • Social power
  • How to raise your social value
  • The traits of social value versus low value guys.

Now in this article we’re going to talk about something called “supplication”.

And you should write that word down.

The word is “supplicate”.

We’re going to come back to in a minute.

First, let’s talk about the idea of “value” and how much value you have to the people in your social circle.

And more importantly to the women that you’re meeting.

And I want to explain the difference between “high value” guys and “low value” guys.

In the previous article, we talked about “low value” traits versus “high value” traits.

#1 Sign Women See You as a “Low Value” Guy

Well, how do you know if you’re a “low value” guy?

Well, if you’re meeting women and you’re finding it really hard to get them out on a date or to progress anything with them, it’s usually because they don’t value their time with you.

I always like to say, it’s because they don’t place enough “value” on you.

Very simple.

This word “value” is very important, because when we value something, we make time for it.

We have a sense of urgency towards it.

If a girl doesn’t really have that sense of urgency to meet up with you, it’s because she doesn’t place a high enough value on you.

Or if you’re dating girls and you find that after a couple dates, or as they get to know you, they start losing interest.

It’s because these women are NOT placing a lot of “value” on being with you.

You Can’t “Fake” Value For Long

Well, what happens in that case is sometimes a woman starts off attracted to you and she senses as she’s meeting you, “Oh, this guy’s a high value guy.”

But the more she gets to know you, the more she feels like she was sort of fooled and that you don’t really have as much value as she initially thought.

And the attraction starts plummeting.

Or maybe you’re just a guy in your social circle who none of the girls take seriously. You’re never the guy they choose. You’re never the guy they chase.  You’re the guy that usually winds up in the friend zone.

Or you’re the guy who’s just kind of there, orbiting around, but never gets that interest from girls.

That’s because people around you, women in particular, aren’t placing a high enough value on you.

Why Women Don’t Stay Attracted to “Nice Guys”

So why do women find it so hard to stay attracted to “nice guys”?

It’s common knowledge, “nice guys” finish last.

I mean, you know it, right?

But why?

You ever wonder why “nice guys” finish last?

Well, let’s go back to the idea of “value”.

So, people are looking at you.  Women are looking at you. And you are telling them exactly how much value they should place on you.

See “nice guys”, they place a very cheap price tag on themself.

And sometimes you try to hide it.  You try to hide it with a fancy watch.  You try to hide it with a nice car or a good job.

But soon enough, the girl gets that gut level feeling that she’s been duped.

The “Value” You Assign Yourself Always Seeps Out

Sometimes it’s even worse if you’re a good looking guy.

I coach a lot of good looking guys and they run into this all the time.  Because when you are good looking or you work out, or you have a little bit of money, when a girl first meets you, she thinks she’s getting a Louis Vuitton bag.

This because putting effort into the way you look, signals “value”.

But then as she gets to know you, it’s like she’s peeling away that price tag.

And she sees that she really has a bag from Walmart.

And when that happens, girls get very resentful. That’s when they get cold.

That’s when you don’t realize what happened, but all of a sudden she’s not answering your phone calls. She’s not replying to your text messages. And she kind of just disappears.

What is Supplication?

So there was that word that we talked about earlier, and that word is “supplication”.

And “supplication” means to ask earnestly, humbly, or to beg.

And at its core, supplication is trading “status” and “value” for validation.

You’re willing to give away your status, your power to the other person at expense of your own to be validated by them.

“Nice guys” trade away their value. They trade away their status to be “liked”.

They want to be liked by women.

On a very subtle level, when you meet someone, especially a woman you’re attracted to, you’re saying to them, “I think you are better than me.”

And the thing is when you tell somebody that they’re better than you, even if it’s non-verbally…

No woman wants to be with a guy who thinks she’s better than him.

What Do Women “Value” in a Man

Let’s look at a couple things that women find valuable in a man.

And we’re going to talk about what “nice guys” typically do to give that away.

So there’s things that everybody can universally agree that women are attracted to, that women value:

  • They value your masculinity
  • They value your assertiveness
  • They value your certainty.

These are characteristics that we can all agree that women like, that women are attracted to, they’re high value traits.

What happens though, when a “nice guy” meets a girl?

He trades these things away to be “liked” by her.

  • He doesn’t want to be assertive because he thinks it’s going to scare her away.
  • He’s scared that if he chooses the wrong place for the date she won’t like him.
  • He scared to text her too much or too little
  • He’s scared to go for the kiss too soon
  • He’s scared to to make his move

What is he scared of?

He’s scared the woman won’t “like” him.

See, a “nice guy” is willing to inconvenience himself.  He’s willing to put what she wants or what he thinks she wants above what he wants.

He’s willing to inconvenience himself to be liked by a girl.

Here’s the thought process that goes through a “nice guy’s” mind:

“I might not getting what I want out of this relationship, this interaction, I might not getting what I want, but at least she’s happy, at least she’s comfortable, at least she’s having a good time, at least she likes me, at least she’s enjoying herself.”

Now, when a girl picks up on this and she will pick up on this, poof, your value goes out the window.

It’s gone.

Women Can Smell Weakness and Fear

Women have a nose for weakness and fear.

Even if you think you’re hiding it, even if you put this front around them, they can sniff through it.

They can sense the weakness, and they can sense the fear.

The minute they sense it, it’s like alarm bells start going off in their head and they start paying attention to you even more.  They start examining you for “faults”.

I always tell guys, once they sense a chink in your armor, then they start noticing all your deficiencies, all the chinks, all the signs that give away the fact that you don’t see yourself as a high value guy.

And that’s really what they’re looking for.

Does he see himself as a high value guy?

See, every action either says to a woman, “I see myself as above you.”

Or, “I see myself as below you.”

Here’s the thing, you’re not just damaging yourself with that woman when you’re acting like you’re below her.  You’re damaging yourself with everybody within your social scene because other people notice how you act.

Everybody sees you supplicating yourself.

Everybody in your scene sees that you’re putting yourself “below” these women, “below” these other guys.

Never be the “Salad Bar”

I had a friend, Pete, back in college.  And we called him the “Salad Bar” because all the girls around campus, they treated him like the salad bar.

They went to him and they told him their problems anytime they were having issues with guys and he would listen.

They would get Pete to do things for them, he would do favors for them, he would drive them places, he’d pick them up from the bar when they were drunk.

When they were fighting with their boyfriends, they’d go to Pete.

If they felt fat, they would go to him because they knew that he would say, “Oh no, you’re beautiful, you’re not fat.

They could count on him for that. He was like the side at the salad bar, he was never the main course.

They would go to him and then they would go fuck the main course.

Pete was never the main course, he was the salad bar.

And no one values the salad bar.

Because they give the salad bar away free.

Stop GIVING AWAY Your Value, Status, and Power

You already have all the elements of power, charisma, and status, but you keep giving them away.

She’s not taking them from you, you’re giving them to her.

I was at  a barbecue the other day, and a few of us were sitting at a table and some girl comes over and she looks at one of the guys and she kind of holds her cup up, and then she hands him her cup and she says, “Can you get me another glass of sangria?”

And he looks at her.

Now, this wasn’t her boyfriend, it wasn’t a guy she was fucking, this was just some guy. He was an acquaintance of hers at most, nothing more than that.

He looks at her and he’s like, “Why? What?”  He had this confused look on his face.

And she goes, “Please, pretty please.”

And she gives him like those doughy eyes, and he takes the cup and he leaves.

And sure enough, he comes back three minutes later and he hands her this sangria.

Now, he made a little joke before he did it. In his mind, maybe he thought he was flirting with her or teasing her.

But he wasn’t.

He was supplicating himself to her.

They were the same distance from the sangria cup. There was no reason that he should have been the one to go get that for her. There was no logical reason for him to go get her her sangria.

She was consciously or unconsciously “testing” him.

And he failed the test because he wanted to be liked by her.

Are You Failing Women’s “Tests”

So how do you know if you’ve failed the test?

It’s very simple.

Well, if me or one of his friends were standing there and said, “Hey man, go get me some sangria.”

He would’ve looked at me and he would’ve been like, “Dude, what the fuck? You’re just as far away from it as I am. Go get it yourself.”

That would’ve been his natural response.

But he wouldn’t say that to the girl because he thought that if he said something like that, she wouldn’t like him.

Or he thought that maybe by doing things for her, by going and getting the sangria, he thought he was gaining points.

But here’s the thing, the more genuine response would’ve been, “Go get it yourself, it’s right over there. Go get it yourself, it’s right over there.”

You don’t have to say it in a mean way, but you would say the same way you would’ve said it to your friend. And then laugh at her.

She would’ve liked him more because that response would’ve been more genuine.

And it would’ve showed her that he puts a little value on himself.

Everything We Do Tells the Woman How Much We “Value” Ourself

Everything we do is telling the other person how much value we place on ourself.

And that had the Sangria Guy answered her in a more genuine way, it would’ve told her that he valued himself too much to be her little errand boy.

And I can tell you right now, women do not want an errand boy.

And the ones that do want an errand boy, you don’t want to be with them.

Everything you do tells other people how much value you place on yourself.

Now, women aren’t consciously going like, “Oh, Bobby doesn’t place a lot of value on himself.”

They’re not walking around consciously judging you, but they treat you that way.  They treat you like they’re a little bit above you. When you accept that treatment, that becomes reality.

And unconsciously women are going to start to treat you like you’re below them.

It’s human nature.

And once she starts doing that, it becomes impossible for her to find you attractive. If she’s treating you like you’re below her, she’s not going to find you attractive.

An Example of Supplication in Action

I was coaching a guy once and he contacted me because his girlfriend was losing interest.

And he’s like, “I don’t know what I did wrong. I was the perfect boyfriend. I did everything she wanted to do. I took her everywhere she wanted to go.”

He goes, “She was a vegetarian, every time, every time we went out to dinner, I made sure I picked a good vegetarian place.”

And I said to him, I go, “Are you a vegetarian?”

And he’s like, “Oh, no, no.”

And I go, “So why would you only go to vegetarian places?”

And he kind of thinks, and he’s like, “Well, because she doesn’t eat meat.”

And I go, “Well, take her to a fucking steakhouse. She can order a salad. There’s other stuff on the menu, there’s pasta at steakhouses. Make her be the one to compromise occasionally. Every time you went out to eat with her to a vegetarian place, you were essentially saying to her, what you want to eat is more important than what I want to eat.”

Now, yeah, I’m not saying never take her to a vegetarian place. It’s perfectly acceptable every once in a while to choose vegetarian places, it’s fine, take her out and say, “Hey, I found this cool place.”

But when you’re doing it every time, you’re reinforcing in her mind that she’s better than you.

Why Women REALLY Chase Assholes

We always talk about assholes, an asshole would put himself above her.

Let’s talk about jerks and assholes for a second.

What do these guys have in common?

Because there’s good looking jerks, there’s bad looking jerks, there’s rich jerks, there’s poor jerks, there’s rich assholes, there’s poor assholes.

What do they have in common?

What they have in common is they place more value on themselves than they do on being liked.

Jerks place value on themselves over being liked.

The number one problem “nice guys” have, and the number one problem that you might have is that you place more value on being liked by the other person than you do on being respected or desired by them.

Jerks don’t have this problem.  Jerks puts the value on themselves.

The Person Who Tries Harder, Holds Less Power

Here’s the thing, and write this one down:

Within a social scene, the person who tries hardest to be liked winds up with the least amount of status and power.

The harder you try to be liked, the less power you have.

Some of you, if this seems outside your comfort zone or you think it’s not your personality, “I need to be liked,”

I’ve got another video that I put together for you on this topic because I really think this is extremely important. And I don’t think that not being liked means you have to be an asshole. And I’m going to explain this to you in this video, and I want to drill this into your head.

You’re going to find that it’s a lot easier than you think to transform yourself, to transform from a low value guy to a high value, high status guy.

How to Stop Supplicating and Transform into a “High Value” Man

So, where do we go from here? Now pay attention because here’s the most important part.

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