4 “Chase Triggers” Women Obsesses Over

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by Bobby Rio • Updated: August 20, 2022

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What Causes a Woman to “Chase” a Man

If there is a girl right now that you’ve got your eye on, and would just love to have her naked on your bed, let me share with you some of the big ideas that we discovered.

These are ideas you can use to:

  • Get her fixated on chasing you
  • make her fall in love with you
  • and turn her into your girlfriend or wife

I call these “The Four Horsemen of the Chase”.

What you’re going to find is that they fly in the face of commonly held beliefs about what girls want and are probably the exact opposite of what you do.

Chase Trigger #1: Uncertainty

We discovered with girls, the more uncertain she was about where she stood with a guy, the more likely she is to chase him.

Girls are actually turned on by:

  • Confusion
  • Uncertainty
  • Mystery.

She wants to spend time analyzing your behavior. She wants to have to read between the lines.

In fact, the more time she spends decoding what you do and say with her friends, asking things like, “What did he mean when he?” the more attracted to you she is becoming, and the more obsessed she gets with sleeping with you.

Chase Trigger #2: Drama

Second, we discovered that being the perfect guy is destructive and can quickly murder her attraction.

Weird, right?

But as guys, we like things calm and content. Our idea of a great relationship is we have everything in common, or we never fight, or we get along perfectly.

But girls are an entirely different beast. Girls crave “drama” and “emotional turbulence.

Think about it like this.

If a movie were two hours long of positive things happening to the main character, you’d be throwing popcorn at the screen you were so bored.

That’s why “nice guys” lose the girls they really like.

If you never disappoint or upset her, the movie becomes “predictable” and “boring.”

Why do you think girls obsess over jerks?

The drama these guys provide is addicting as crack. She gets to feel like she’s the star of her own personal soap opera.

In just a second, I’ll show you a simple way to do this without changing your personality, without acting like an asshole, and without pretending to be someone you’re not, so keep reading.

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Chase Trigger #3: Investment

Third, we stuck a dagger in the heart of the notion that girls want you to work to win her over.

What we discovered is that the person who tries harder holds less power.

Remember, when she is holding the power, it’s impossible for her to chase you.

You might think that showing a girl you’re funny enough, charming enough, social enough will make her want to be your girlfriend.

But it’s ten times more effective to flip the switch and get her working to impress you.

The minute she lets her sexy side out, tries to show you she’s a cool girl, or catches herself worried about what you think about her, it’s like you flipped her “chase switch”.

She no longer hides her naughty side. She stops playing hard to get. Before long, she’s down on her knees begging to be your girlfriend.

Yes. Even that good girl you’re imagining using it on, she’ll fall for it the fastest.

It’s like her brain is subconsciously going, “I must really like this guy.”

Even if she didn’t like you initially, you can actually turn the tables.

Chase Trigger #4: Anticipation

Finally, Rob and I discovered our core principle of anticipation.

What we found is her desire for you peaks when she’s away from you, thinking about you, when she begins to desperately anticipate the next time she’ll see or hear from you.

As a guy, when we sense things are going good, we’re afraid to “pull back” a bit.

But if you retreat and leave her wanting more, she actually convinces herself that you’re the only guy she wants to sleep with.

Using our principle of anticipation, you can actually train a girl to get addicted to your phone calls, your dates, and your body.

Here’s something really cool…

You don’t even have to already be dating a girl to use this stuff on her.

In fact, I’m going to show you how within five minutes of meeting her, you can jump start the chase. I’ll get to that in a second.

Summing Up “Chase Triggers”

What we found was that in order to rapidly and easily have a girl on your bed, whispering how bad she wants you, you need to do just four things:

1. You’ve got to get her analyzing your behavior and unleash an intense curiosity in her to try to figure you out.

2. You need to create an emotional rollercoaster that holds her attention hostage.

3. You need to flip her approval seeking switch and get her addicted to your validation.

4. You have to retreat long enough for her to develop a strong desire to see or hear from you again. You want her waiting for your phone calls, pulling her phone out of her pocket every few minutes to see if she missed your text, craving a compliment from you like a glass of water in the desert.

“This” Makes Her Chase You EVERY TIME