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Here’s Why Coaching Helps

Chris often says: You don’t know what you don’t know.

A coach will notice that ONE THING you’ve been doing wrong. And then the light bulb goes off ,and you go “oh my god I never would have realized that… Oh when she canceled the date, I could have handled it like this, or when she wrote this, I could have responded this way, and changed the entire dynamic.”

These are things coaches notice immediately.

And show you how to easily “fix” the issues holding you back.

Here’s How it Works

So with coaching, it’s what your story? What’s your situation?

And now whats your game plan, starting today.

What tweaks do we need to do to make you more attractive? How do we correct what you’ve been doing wrong?

So let’s create a game plan together, so you know exactly where do we go from here.

This isn’t about pumping you up with confidence or giving you lines to use, we actually dig in to your specific situation, and keep everything congruent to who you are,

What’s the needle in the haystack in your situation, that will change everything for you, that will have her chasing you, that will transform you into the prize.

We look for the specific clues in your case, that are going to help you.

That’s what coaching is about, finding the one thing that’s going to make the difference between you getting the woman you want or not getting her.

Here’s How to Get Started

Once you book a call with Chris, you’ll find his calendar, where you can immediately schedule your sessions.

You’ll also get an ‘intake form’ where you summarize your situation, all the details, any text conversations you want to share, and any specific issues you want to work on.

You come in, and we evaluate everything. 

And we identify where you might be going wrong.  Maybe you’re being too serious, so we show you how to be more playful, have more fun with it.

Let’s see your text messages, oh wow, you’re too available, or you’re giving her too much validation and she’s not earning it yet. Let’s do this instead.

And what’s great is, we get real-time feedback of what works. If we recommend something and it works, awesome, let’s make a mental note, let’s try it again.  If it works again, we know we’re on to something, if it doesn’t work, ok, let’s cross that off the list for now.

All of this is developed through coaching real guys in real situations, using real stuff that works.

That’s why its so powerful to take the step and get feedback on your situation. Because a lot of times you’re like “Im doing this right, Im doing this right, I don’t know what’sgoing on” 

It’s our job to figure out what’s going on, and how you what to do instead.


More About Chris

Chris “Sixty” Anderson wakes up everyday with one mission – helping you get your dream girl. His coaching focuses on how to attract that one special girl by being what he calls a “positive challenge”. And he doesn’t just talk the talk. He’s used these exact same coaching methods to marry his own dream girl.

Chris has been very active in the dating community since 2005. So his 15+ years of experience is a valuable asset for any guy looking to master the game of dating and relationships fast.

Chris has also created several award winning programs. His most popular trainings include Automatic Seduction – a step by step manual for meeting and attracting women and The Friend She Falls In Love With – the blueprint for guys who want to escalate things further with a female friend. You can also see him on The Scrambler Bonus Invisible Escalation.

However, what Chris is most proud of is the results he gets through his coaching. Chris prides himself on helping guys turnaround even the toughest cases of when a girl loses interest. And nothing makes him happier then when he receives another “You Changed My Life” email.

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