Using “Cold Reads” for Sexual Attraction

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by Jon Sinn • Updated: September 06, 2022

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Today I want to share with you something that I use literally all the time: “cold read sexual framing.”

Cold reading is the ancient art of truisms and telling people things that are true about every one but in doing it in a way that makes it seem as very individual and psychic.Fortunetellers are pretty much all people who practice the art of cold reading.

When it comes to cold reading girls, what we are going to do is set up the cold read as something that is either:

  •  Compliment
  • or standard.

So when we are cold reading, if we compliment the woman it basically sets the frame by giving her a compliment, validating her, based on how we want her to act.

Cold Reading Example

“You know one of the things I’ve noticed from listening to you a little bit is that you’re a really self-motivated person: like I bet you are the type of person if there is something you want, you go after it no matter what. Like I bet in high school there was some boy or some cheerleading spotter or dance queen position that you wanted and you just went after it and I really think that’s attractive even though I think you are kind of a weirdo.”

So what we want to do with a “cold read compliment” is that we want to give a compliment or give a statement of interest by saying something like:

  • “I find that really attractive”
  • “I think that is sexy”
  • “That’s hot I like you because of that.”

Just something that lets the girl know that we are interested in her but you know doesn’t do so in an overly desperate or emotional way and we want to release.

The release is just a non-sexual tease.

  • “Too bad you are such a dork”
  • “You are still kind of a weirdo.”
  • “You suck!”

The idea behind that is we basically use the “cold read” as the validating part.  Nut if we just validate her with out building that statement of intent in then we don’t really gain any ground.

We want to gain ground by having the girl let you hit on her.

The more she allows us to signal interest, the more she lets us escalate.  And the further we can go and then we want to release just so that we don’t become the overly desperate guy.

You know the non-sexual tease is there just so that you don’t become the guy who is too aggressive and too much.

Example of “Standards Cold Reading”

The other part of this is what I call standards cold reading, which basically implies a relationship and gives the girl a reward for framing herself.

So an example of standards framing:

“You’re not the dramatic type of girl right?”

And her saying: “no I am not.”


“You’re not the jealous type right?”

The only reason I would ask that question is if I were kind of looking to see if she lives up to my standards or my relationship quality.

So that a lot of subjects I am asking the girl if she’s the dramatic type because it kind of gives her an idea of what’s going on. This frames me as interested in her sexually and gives me a chance to show her that I am evaluating her as I set my sexual frames.

My #1 Sexual Cold Reading Technique

strawberry field framing

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