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by Bobby Rio • Updated: August 31, 2022

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Example Texts to Send a Girl to Create Attraction

What kind of text should you be sending a woman that you’re talking to?

If you ever felt like when you’re with a woman, it’s easy to attract her, it’s easy to move things forward. But then when you’re away from her that attraction just continues to fizzle out.

It almost feels like there’s a hump that you can’t figure out how to get over.

Or how to get to the point where a girl really falls for you and you can move things forward with her.

Chances are, TEXTING is what is holding you back.

One thing that’s crystal clear though is that a larger and larger majority of your relationships now take place online or over text.

Every Text You Send a Woman Should:

  • Continue building attraction
  • Continue strengthening the bond between you and a woman
  • Continue moving the relationship forward

So what kind of texts accomplish this?

I’m going to give you six examples of how to make her fall for you every time she reads one of your messages.

I don’t think I need to stress to you how important texting is nowadays. If you want to move a relationship forward, you must know how to move a relationship forward over text.

75% of Your Relationship Will Take Place Over Text

Here is a cold hard fact:  It doesn’t matter how well you get along with a woman in person, if you’re texting her and your texts aren’t building on that attraction or strengthening the bond between you, pretty soon she’s going to pull away and you will lose her.

So, quick disclaimer.

Everything that I know about texting I learned from my friend Rob Judge who’s the best I’ve ever seen at being able to convey an attractive personality, convey attractive traits over text.

And that’s what this article is all about.

How to Express an Attractive Personality with Every Text You Send

It’s about expressing an attractive personality every time you text a girl, because that’s what she falls in love with is your personality.

Because most guys are sending bland, boring texts where if she didn’t see the name, she’d have no idea who sent them.

They’re lacking personality.  So the ability to express an attractive personality over text is how you win the game.

What are the Attractive Traits?

So first let’s talk about the attractive personality traits that you want to display over text. And then I’m going to give you specific examples of text messages that accomplish this.

So, the main traits that you want to display with your texts are you want to display are:

  • Personality
  • Playfulness
  • Cool Vulnerability
  • Leading the Vibe
  • Social Proof
  • Flirtatiousness

So, let’s take a look at what I mean and how to infuse these traits into your messages.

So, let’s start with some examples.

Displaying Personality Over Text

Okay, so let’s start with this idea of personality.

You want to always make sure that every text you send infuses even a tiny bit of personality into it so that it is signature yours.

What do I mean by that?

I mean, you don’t want her to be able to look at a text and not know who it was from because it’s so generic.  So imagine the typical nice guy, the typical guy who meets a woman, he’s going to send something like it was nice meeting you last night.

That text is generic and she could have received it from any number of men, and it doesn’t associate any positive traits to you.

Here’s an example of how you can infuse your personality into a text.

Example of Good Text #1:


So, one little line “for lack of a Shakespearean first text” adds personality to it.

Now, a couple things first off. It’s light, it’s sort of funny, but it’s not forced or try hard sort of way.

A lot of guys go overboard and they try to come up with a very funny text or they try to use an inside joke in their text text. And that does convey personality, but it conveys a try hard personality. So you don’t want to overdo it.

And like I said, just one little line like, “For lack of a more Shakespearean first text” infuses a bit of personality into it, which is much better than the typical “it was nice meeting you last night.”

Displaying Playfulness over Text

So, the next example of an attractive trait is playfulness.

Playfulness is probably one of the most important traits that you can have with a woman, because it allows you to move things forward. It allows her to have fun with you. It allows her to see a future with you.

The good news is that playfulness is an attractive quality that is easy to convey over text. It’s one of the easier ones to convey in a quick message.

Here’s another text that a lot of men will send a woman:

text says how's your day going 

Now even though it seems like a completely innocent text, it conveys zero personality and does nothing to increase her attraction or strengthen your bond with her.

See, a lot of times men reach out to a woman its only to stay in touch and remind her that you’re alive.  And when you send a text like “how is your day going?” she instantly knows that is the only reason you’re texting her.

It’s much better to offer her something of value, something that strengthens the bond and attraction she feels toward you.

And easy way to do this is to offer her something playful, something that’ll make her smile so that she associates sort of a better feeling than just, “How’s your day going?”

Because when you text a woman “how is your day going” what are you really expecting her to reply with?   “

Good”, “Not bad”

Does that increase her feelings toward you?

Here’s an example of a text that allows you to stay in touch, while putting a smile on her face:

Example of Good Text 2:

good text to send

So, this text accomplishes two things.

  1. It describes a vivid, humorous scene that she won’t be able to help but smile when she pictures it
  2. It brings your unique personality into the text

It doesn’t just convey personality, it gives her some value in the form of putting a smile on her face.

But there a couple of things in this text that help convey personality too.

  1. “Checking out babe” is a funny and unique way to express the image.
  2. “Made my morning” is what really expresses personality, as it shows you’re playful, that you don’t take things too seriously.

That’s something that she allows her to associate with you a of fun, playful guy.   And is way more unique and memorable than “how is your day going?”

Displaying Cool Vulnerability over Text

So, the next attractive trait that you can display over text is cool vulnerability.

Cool vulnerability is when you allow yourself to be a little bit real with a girl, but not in a super vulnerable way that makes things awkward.

We all hear you should be vulnerable. But you do NOT want to be vulnerable where you go overboard and you tell her how your last girlfriend cheated on you or your dad didn’t love you.

That is not cool vulnerability.

That’s stuff that you should save for your therapist.

Cool vulnerability is where you show that you don’t take yourself too seriously.  It’s where you show a woman that you’re willing to laugh at yourself.

Some examples of cool vulnerability might be:

  • Admitting that you like cheesy music
  • Telling a story about how you dropped the winning fly ball in the little league World Series and you never got over it.
  • An embarrassing moment from your childhood
  • Make a lighthearted joke about your inability to follow directions

So, the text that I’m going to show you is an example of adding cool vulnerability into a text where you’re apologizing.

Because we’ve all been in this situation where we were hanging out with a woman and maybe we drank too much, maybe we did something stupid and we have this decision to make.

Do we apologize or do we ignore it?

And a lot of guys overly apologize.  And they do it in a way that lowers their value in her eyes.

bad text to send


When you say something like “I’m so sorry I did that last night.” It makes things weird between you. But if you ignore it and she really was offended by what you did, that can also backfire.

Example of Good Text #3

good text example 3

The text above is an example of cool vulnerability.  What woman is not going to laugh at that text?

But at the same time, you’re admitting that you got drunk, you acted a little stupid. You’re being a little vulnerable about it, but in a cool, playful way.

Again, cool vulnerability shows a woman you don’t take yourself too seriously. Things won’t get weird with you, and it is a trait that is attractive in a man.

How to Display that You Can Lead the Vibe Over Text

The next attractive trait you can express over text is leading the vibe.

So being the leader, moving things forward, this is an attractive trait in a man. So, I want to give you an example of how to mix your personality into a text that is leading the vibe.

Example of Good Text #4

Example of Good Text #4

There are a couple of things that make the above text a good example of leading the vibe.

  1. The phrase “culinary experience” is a unique way to phrase it, and expresses a bit of your personality
  2. “Rock your face off” prevents the text from coming across as corny or “nice guy”. It makes the text playful.
  3. “Cancel your plans” takes the role of leader and shows her that you’re not afraid to go for what you want and suggests you have the confidence to believe she will what you want

That’s an example of not only “leading the vibe” but infusing your unique personality into it.

Instead of saying, “I’m going to cook for you”  you make it playful and unique with “I’m going to prepare you a culinary experience.”

Instead of saying that “you’re going to love it”,  you say “it will rock your face off.” It is a very distinct personality.

And again, all the texts that I’m giving you, are examples of expressing personality.  It may not be your personality so you need to figure out, “Okay, how am I going to fit my personality into this

Maybe you might not say things like “culinary experience” or “rock your face off”, so ask yourself these questions:

  • What are unique phrases I would say?
  • How can I infuse my personality into this while leading the vibe?

How to Display Flirtatiousness Over Text

The next text is expressing flirtatiousmess.

When it comes to men and women, flirting is what really drives intimacy forward. It lets you know that you’re interested in each other, that there’s something romantic, something flirty going on.

So being able to introduce that into the texts you send a woman is very important.

The issue that most guys run into is that they either do it too obviously like:

bad text 5


The other mistake men make is that they don’t do it at all because they don’t know how to be flirty over text.

I want to give you an example of how to do it in a way that is “push-pull. Because flirting is largely push-pull.  This means you pull her towards you and then you push her away.

Example of Good Text #5

good text example 5


The example above has a lot of personality infused into it, but it’s also flirty.

You’re saying “I wish you were here to cuddle under a fluffy blanket”… that’s PULLING her towards you.

But then you say “And watch a Rambo movie” which PUSHES her away and releases a little bit of the tension.

Because if you just wrote it’s stormy, I wish you were here to cuddle under a fluffy blanket, the word fluffy makes it kind of playful, but it is a little serious.

When you write “I wish you were here.” It could come across a little needy. But twhen you say “to watch a Rambo movie”, it kind of diffuses some of the tension.

This what flirting really is. It’s tension and release, tension and release.

At the same time it shows that you have this personality.   She can read that and associate it with you. It’s not something she’s going to get from anybody else.

She might get a “wish you were here” text from any other guy, but she’s not going to get, “It’s stormy, I wish you were here to cuddle under a fluffy blanket and watch a Rambo movie” text.

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How to “Social Proof” Over Text

Okay, so the next attractive trait that you can display over text is social proof.

A couple things with this one is that you have to be careful with this because social proof can easily come across as bragging if you were to send a woman a text,

bad text 6


That comes across as bragging. It may give you some social proof. Like you do fun stuff or whatever, but it comes across as “try hard”.

So you always want to do social proof in a way that is a little bit more under the radar. So here’s two examples.

Example of Good Text #6

example text to send girl

So the reason that’s sort of social proof is that it shows that you’re out, that you’re having fun, you’re with people.

But it also at the same time it does a few other things.

It adds some cool vulnerability. Give me a recommendation that’ll make me look cool. So that’s a little like you don’t take yourself too seriously.

You’re also complimenting her a little bit with you have good musical taste, which works well. It’s hard to directly convey to a woman that you’re out with friends or you’re out with a woman so you have to do it through subtext and an easy or engaging way to do that, like I said, is to ask her for something, a musical recommendation.

Example of Good Text #7

social proof text

Here’s another example of how you can ask her for something while conveying that you’re out being social.

So help settle a bet. “Does it count when you say I love you when you’re drunk? It seems all women give the same answer, but no pressure.”

So this text is a way that you could imply that you’re out with some women. This is actually a good text if you’re trying to get out of the friend zone or an ex jealous because it implies that you’re having this conversation with other women and without you saying it.

You’re not saying like, “I just asked a girl and she said this, what do you think?”

But the way you phrased it implies that you’re out, you’re being social, most likely having a conversation with a group of women.

So these traits that you want to express as part of your personality

Review of the Attractive Traits to Display Over Text

So these traits that you want to express as part of your personality:

  • Personality
  • Playfulness
  • cool vulnerability
  • leading the vibe
  • flirtatious
  • social proof

Every message you send, you want to think, “Does it convey any of this? Am I conveying any playfulness in this?”

Am I expressing some element of my personality that if she opens this message and my name isn’t there, she can probably guess that I was the one who sent it?

That’s what you you want to get in a habit of doing.

This is all part of a new style of communication that you really have to master.

Because as I mentioned in the beginning of this article, even if you meet a woman in the real world, most of your conversations with her take place online, over text.

It could be Instagram, comments and stories. It could be texting, it could be chatting on WhatsApp or instant messenger.

Master This New Style of Communication

Now I mentioned my friend, Rob, who a lot of these texts were inspired.   And a lot of the advice that I’ve personally learned over the years was learned through him.

He has a video that I recommend you check out where he really drills this home, that being attractive right now, right in this new culture that we’re in requires being digitally attractive.

How to Be “Digitally Attractive” in this New Culture

And it’s a weird concept, but you have to be able to convey this attractive personality, not just in person, but over messages, on dating profiles, on Facebook profiles.

Because women are using all of this now to get a feel for who you are as a person.

And as he talks about in the video, the guys that aren’t able to do this really are getting left behind.

So you want to check out that video, where Rob really walks you through this idea and gives you a whole bunch of tips on how to convey this attractive communication style nowadays.