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by Coaching Staff • Updated: August 30, 2022

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How to Compliment a Girl (the RIGHT WAY)


So there is this girl you like.

She is hot, cool, fun, and you want to have sex with her or make her your girlfriend.

Well, let me ask you something here?

What is the one thing you can give a woman that she will love that doesn’t cost you a penny?

A hug? Yeah, that actually works pretty well, but you can’t just start giving random girls hugs. (Without coming off as Creepius Maximus 2.0)

Your d!ck? Yep. But she’s not going to want that right out of the gates (unless you are that lucky!)

Out of guesses?

Okay here it is?


Before you roll your eyes at how simple this may be, I have another question for you, how can you give a compliment to someone without coming off as weird or creepy? Or even better, how can you give a compliment so a girl finds you irresistible?

Hmmm. Stumped you on this one, didn’t I?

Here is the answer:

If you want to give a girl a genuine, sincere compliment that does not come off as creepy, the compliment must meet one of these two requirements:

  1. Complimenting her uniqueness
  2. Complimenting her efforts.

Lets explore both of these a little further:

Complimenting her Uniqueness:

Every person knows a few qualities about themselves that they are proud of.

Usually these qualities are somewhat unique to the person and over the years they have grown to be extremely proud and aware of this particular unique quality.

Examples of these unique qualities could be:

  • amazing long legs
  • a unique and beautiful name
  • mastery of a skill like singing or dancing
  • extremely happy or upbeat personality that brings a lot of energy to the room, etc. etc.
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If you are able to recognize this really unique quality and call it out in the form of a compliment for a girl, she will be beside herself and really admire your ability to appreciate this quality that she holds so dear.

Keep reading and I will reveal some examples of situations and compliments you can give regarding her uniqueness!

Complimenting her Efforts:

This is when you compliment something she dedicated a noticeable amount of time, effort, and/or resources to accomplish.

This is figuring out whatever her “pride and joy” is and giving her a sincere and genuine compliment about it.

Note that this doesn’t have to be something revolutionary that she did, this can be something that she spent just a few hours on, as long as she put time and effort into its completion.

The trick is you don’t want to compliment something she did in a very short period of time or didn’t take a long time to decide on. This will likely confuse her and will also come off as trying too hard or even “creepy.”

Keep reading and I will reveal some practical examples so you can apply complimenting her efforts in your life to that special someone!

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Turning the Tables:

Before I go deep into some examples here, I want to make sure this clicks with you in terms of how powerful this trick can be.

Right now, I want you think of either something unique to you or something or something you have put a lot of time into. It could be a job you have held for over 5 years, it could be your 1965 souped up car, it could be golf, it could be your eyes or the wood shed you built out back, etc. etc. the list goes on and on, just think of something right now!

For me personally, one thing I am exceptionally proud of is my car.

Now, my car is NOT super nice. It is a 2007 Lexus with over 100,000 miles on it that I bought used a couple years back for around $7,000.

But, I have taken exceptional car of my car. I wash it and clean it once a week. It has a “new car” air freshener in there and there isn’t a scratch, dent or smudge ever on the car.

Now, if a very average looking girl got in my car and said “Wow, this car is just beautiful” is it relatively new? It has that new car smell to it!” I no joke might marry this girl on the spot.

I would be overcome with feelings of love and appreciation for this girl and it was all from a very small compliment over something that I am very proud of.

Now, what is it that you thought of that is unique to you or that you are exceptionally proud of.

Imagine an average looking girl said something similar to you? How would you react?

Keep in mind; women are much more emotional than men. Whatever effect this would have on you, you can be sure the effect would be at least twice as strong on a woman.

Now let’s go into a few more examples to help you guys out.

I took these secrets from my flagship product The Obsession Formula. If you haven’t already snagged a copy of this product, I highly suggest it; it is probably the most well-rounded product for dating on the market.

Now that this is out of the way, onward to some more tips for applying the power of compliments into your everyday life.

Unique Compliment Application:

I met this girl through a friend of a friend at a birthday party.

I saw her standing by herself and so I approached her and said, “Hey, my name is Mike, I used to live with Joe (the birthday boy) what is your name?”

She smiled and replied “My name is Serenity, nice to meet you, Mike!”

Without even a 1 second delay, I reply, “Serenity? Wow, I have never met a person named Serenity before! What a beautiful name!”

She said, “Really?? Yea some people like it and some people don’t but…”

I interrupted and said ?Yeah, I kinda love the name Serenity! But I am biased my name is Mike which is boring, I always wish my parents gave me a cool unique name like yours!?

This girl was in the bag. She actually came as a friend of a friend and didn’t know a lot of people at the party so we hung out for the rest of the night.

We ended up hooking up that night and a few other nights after that.

Believe it or not, this all started with one, genuine and sincere compliment. I found something unique about her right away and gave a genuine and sincere compliment. Almost everybody likes their name, so you are guaranteed to get a good response from complimenting a name.

Effort Compliment Application:

Now let’s take a look at another example that examines complimenting something where the person invested a lot of time, effort, and/or resources.

Just this past weekend, I tagged along with a few buddies to a girls house to hang out for a bit before we went out for the night.

The first thing we did when we got to her house was go on a tour.

The apartment was really nice, but when I got to one of the girl’s roommate’s rooms I was blown away with how cool the room was decorated and I knew this girl was probably very prideful of her room.

It was then I said “Wow! What a beautiful room, I feel like I am in a picture from Pinterest! How did you come up with all of this?”

What a great compliment!

Her roommate’s face lit up and she immediately start explaining to me how her and all her roommates have a competition about whose room is better and she thinks that her room is best.

Me and this girl hit it off for the rest of the night.

We didn’t hook up that night but we did end up hooking up a few nights later.

Again, this all started with one genuine compliment about an observation. I had no idea it would spark a conversation about her playful competition with her roommates but it did and that put me in her good graces for the night.

Magnitude Matters:

Remember that the more unique the quality is or the more time the person spends on something the more powerful the compliment is.

The most obvious example is somebody’s kids.

If you went up to my mom and said “Your son, Mike is such a delight, you did a great job raising him!”

My mom’s face would like up and she would grin ear to ear.

She has spent an insane amount of time, effort and resources raising me and if you give her credit for a job well done you are in her good graces forever.

Now, not everybody has kids. But everybody has something they have invested a ton of time into.

Be observant of her hobbies/work and how long the commitment was. Maybe she did ballet for 15 years, you could say “Man, ballet dancers have always impressed me. The way they can move their bodies while balancing on 1 toe has always blown my mind, I can barely balance on 1 foot!”

See what you did there? You just complimented an activity she invested 15 of her life in.

You are gold with something like that.

Creepy Compliments:

As we all know, there is nothing worse than a compliment that comes off as creepy.

So the number one rule, is don’t say a comment that has ANY sexual connotation if you have never been intimate with the girl.

If you meet a girl for the first time, saying “Wow! You have such a nice body” is a huge no-no.

That girl will get really creeped out fast.

If you have spent a few hours with a girl and want to compliment something physical about her then here is a non-creepy way to do it.

“I am sorry if this is weird, but I just have to tell you. You have such an amazing smile, you need to be in a crest commercial, how are your teeth so straight and white?”

I would stay away from complimenting her legs, butt, breasts or stomach because these are very sexual oriented.

Use your judgment though, there may be a time to compliment these, but generally only if she brings them up.

Use this rule of thumb. If you feel creepy saying it, it’s probably creepy.

Have Fun Complimenting Girls:

I don’t think I even fully mentioned this, but, have fun!

Compliments are one of the easiest ways to practice approaching others, make other people happy and most importantly make yourself happy.

Compliments are one of the most extraordinary components of social life.

If given right they create so much positive energy that they make things happen almost as if by magic.

They ease the atmosphere around two people and kindly dispose people to each other.

Spread the love. Be a positive person. And have fun.

Oh and if you need more help stepping up your compliment game or just generally winning over women, then I highly recommend you check out the video below.

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