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by Jon Sinn • Updated: August 31, 2022

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“Sexual Framing” Explained…

Jon Sinn back to drop truth bombs on you about meeting and seducing women.

Today I want to talk about one of the subjects I’m most well known for: Sexual Framing.

“Sexual Framing” is when you set the meaning of the interaction to be that the two of you are going to have sex in as short of a time period as possible.

There are 4 different ways to do that, but in this article I’m going to focus on one of the most powerful; sexual story-telling.

 Storytelling to “Sexual Frames”

When it comes to story telling for sexual framing, there are two types of stories we are going to tell. These types of stories are very important because they allow us a baseline to throw a lot of different sexual frames in there.

Story telling is great because as you get to know each other, there are going to be stories that you tell over and over again.

Learning how to put the “sexual frames” in the stories is going to make your over-all game so strong.  Because in addition to checking off all the check boxes and the “getting to know you” things, the girls need to hear in order to feel comfortable, you are also going to be able to set “sexual frames.”

So the two types of stories we are going to focus on for “sexual framing” are:

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#1:  Grounding Stories

Now these stories set the frames about you and give the girl background information about how you are going to act later on.

So, for example, I grew up with sisters, so I’ll tell her about how growing up with sisters and a single mother I earned a lot about women.

Now this is true, it’s also something I need to talk about anyway, but it gives me a way of starting to set “sexual frames.”

I can start to talk about how I understood women a little bit better and I watched my sisters go on dates early on in my life and I saw how guys acted and I saw how girls acted and now I can start to “sexually frame” myself as somebody who knows what she wants, who understands her, who understands women sexually etc. etc.

So the “grounding stories” are great because they give background information about you they explain who you are as a person but they also give you ground to set sexual frames in a very nonsexual context right like talking about your mom or your sister and then using that to set frames is very disarming.

Girls are not expecting that so it works really, really well.

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#2: Sexual Metaphors

The second type of sexual framing story I’d like to use is a Metaphor story.

These stories set a frame or teach the girl some lesson related to our frames.

For example:

I might tell a story about my friend Katy see who is a “rules girl”.  And who thinks she has to wait 30 days to sleep with any guy. And if she does that than her relationships work and how that backfired on her one time.

What I’m trying to teach there is that you can’t wait or make rules about sex or sexuality and by indirectly saying that and get that idea into her head and preload her for that for you know when I make a move and try to get sexual with her later.

So we are generally telling grounding stories that set the frames about you and give the girls a background about later what to expect where you came from and also allow for sexualization with metaphors and metaphors exist set of frame or teach a girl some lesson order to preload an idea.

The idea of preloading is very powerful when it comes from basic psychology in it.

It’s the idea that if I tell you not to think about a purple minivan, you are going to think about a purple minivan and not only that you are going to notice purple minivans next time you drive by them, even me, talking about this year.

The next time you are going to see a purple minivan you are going to think, Jon mentioned that because I have preloaded the idea into your mind that’s what we are doing with the sexual metaphor storage.

We are preloading ideas into a girl’s head about sex without them really realizing it.

That’s why for doing it, we doing a lot of “sexual framing” as we touch of sexual subjects or topics and then we quickly gloss over it and get something else.

We are just preloading the girls to be anticipating sex until it starts to turn them on and from there escalation is easy.

So that’s what we’re doing a lot of the time when we’re starting to set sexual frames through story-telling.

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