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by Jon Sinn • Updated: September 03, 2022

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3 Ways to “Sexually Tease” a Woman

Jon Sinn back with some awesome girl getting ideas that are going to help you get hotter girls into your bed.

In this article I want to break down a couple different types of “sexual teasing”.

“Sexual teasing” is a vital tool for making things sexual while still keeping it fun and playful so as not to come off creepy or perverted.

The 3 major types of sexual teases are:

  1. Push Back: A push back is an unflattering stereotype that the girl is going to push back against that is somewhat sexual.
  2. Fast forward rewind: Fast forward rewind is where we are going to try to get sexual and then we are going to take it way back. This is one of my best techniques.
  3. Push pull: Sexual push pull. Obviously push pull is where you say one thing nice and one thing kind of mean, so obviously sexual push pull is the process where we are sexually into her and sexually not into her.

Let.s go through these in more detail.

Sexual Push Backs

Pushbacks are unflattering female stereotypes designed to get her to qualify herself and fight back a little.

This gets her to invest emotionally in the interaction. So we are getting her emotionally involved with the interaction.

Push backs are my favorite because they are easy to use, they are short, you don’t have to remember a lot of stuff. Best of all  they get the girl “emotionally involved” in the interaction when she starts pushing back and playfully fighting.

You are creating “sexual tension.”

Examples of push backs:

  • You are a really nice girl
  • You are really old fashioned.
  • You are like the wait a month before sex kind of girl.
  • You are kind of prude.

All these things are short, they are easy. They are things that are sexual for her to push back against you.

You can use them really early in the interaction. I can use push backs in the first five minutes. I can use push backs even in “social comfort” because they just give people to push back against and when you do it in a playful way the girls won’t get mad.

So push backs are how I like to start my “sexual teasing” just because they give me somewhere to work off of for the rest of the time.

One of the cool things about “sexual teasing” is that if you say something once, you can call it back and continue teasing her about it.  You can not only do it for the rest of the interaction, but also, over the phone, in person, on dates etc.

So it’s good to establish themes earlier on and push backs help you do that because it gives you something to argue with the girl about.

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The Fast Forward-Rewind Technique

Fast forward-Rewind is one of my newest most powerful techniques.

Fast forward rewind basically works like this:  You make “sexual tease that is over the top.

Example of Fast-Forward:

“You know what? Me and you are going to go on a romantic date to Red Lobster and I am going to take you, it’s going to be so amazing. We are going to have a seat right up front, we are going to go to the park, I am going to have red balloons for you, they are going to float off into the air so romantically and then I am going to lay you down on a blanket and fuck you in the ass in public!”

And the girl is going to laugh and say: “No! That’s not going to happen that is gross!”

And I would be like:

“No, no, no you misunderstand me.”

This is when the rewind comes in.

The fast forward is a sexual comment, a “sexual tease”, something about having sex with her, something that assumes more of a relationship sexually with you and her. After you do that the rewind happens when you then take it all back.

Example of a “Rewind”:

“No, no, you misunderstand me. I don’t believe in sex before marriage. So none of that could happen until we get married, at least ten years, I don’t even hold hands until the 34th date.”

The girl will now laugh or she will agree.

Either one of those reactions the girl is really her agreeing. If she plays along she’ll usually say something like:

“Ok that’s good! 34th dates, you are kind of like a slut huh?”

Then as soon as she agrees or plays along, I want to fast forward again.

Now I can say:

“Well I said I would have sex with you in the ass after marriage but oral doesn’t count. So if you want to blow me in the bathroom like later that is cool.”

Now if the girl laughs and she again argues, then I’ll rewind again.

It is this process of making “sexual teases” that are overly sexual.  They aren’t even “sexual teases”. They are kind of more like statement of intent or over the top sexual jokes.

She will laugh and then I will fast forward again.

So you use this to kind of control escalation and to get more sexual.  You can get away with it because the “rewind” takes it back.

It is almost like you telling her things that you want to do sexually and then saying just kidding.

Instead of saying just kidding which will kind of come off as weak, you are instead rewinding and taking it back by going really far in the opposite direction and making sure that she knows that you were just joking.

That’s Fast Forward-Rewind.

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Sexual Push-Pull Technique

So let’s talk about the Sexual Push Pull.

We start by quickly defining what push pull is and how it works.

So push pull works because it is psychologically very confusing. It creates what is called fractionation where you are simultaneously validating and de-validating a girl at the same time in a funny playful way.

This stopping and starting the push pull just like the fast forward and rewind gets the girl emotionally invested and to get the girl emotionally invested is really powerful when you add some sexuality to it.

Now when we come to sexual Push-Pull what we are doing is basically sexually accepting her and then sexually rejecting her.

Another thing to keep in mind is that physical push pull is extremely, extremely, extremely powerful especially for dealing with last minute resistance when a girl is in bed and doesn’t quite want to go further.   This is when she’s wants to do it, but also wants to wait.

Sexual push pull really works well. You know really getting turned on and then telling the girl oh now we need to stop.

That stuff is very powerful.

Keep in mind that you can mix “verbal” and “physical”, you can do physical push pull and you can do just verbal push pull.

Example of Push-Pull:

  • Pull the girl close to you and tell her you smell delicious and then push her away
  • Or I might tell a girl that I hate her and that she is gross and the hug her.

That is a mixing of signals. Physically warm/verbally cold or verbally warm/physically cold.

The idea of push pull is to be both warm and cold. You know the pull is warm the push is cold and that is the real way to think about it.

Sexually accepting her = pull
Sexually rejecting her = push

So let me give you some lines, I like using:

“You are sexy. You are trouble get away from me.”

“You’re cute, I hate cute things”

“You’re either the coolest girl I’ve ever met or a complete weirdo”

“I can’t tell if I want to hug you or fight you.”

Another type of push pull line I like to do is called the “negation”.

A negation happens when you tell a girl to NOT do something.

Negations are incredibly powerful because if I tell you right now to not to picture a blonde girl in a bikini, the first thing that is going to pop into your head is a blonde girl in a bikini.

So with negations, I can “sexually tease” and push and pull her while telling her not to do something.

Example #1:

“You have to stop being sexy. Really like I am trying to be professional here, you need to stop.”

Example #2:

“Don’t think about all the dirty things that you want to do to me, like I see it in your eyes; I see what you are trying to do here.”

Example #3:

“Stop looking at me like that. I see like that you are trying to use your sexy stare. Immune.”

Even if she is not doing it, I can accuse her of it, and tell her to stop.

Push Pull happens any time you apply opposites while talking to a woman to keep her confused and off balance about whether or not you really like her.

The key with push-pull is to keep the woman swinging between validation and de-validation. You never want to make her feel like she has you and you never want to make her feel like she has not shot.

Now go out there, tease some hot women, and take them home.

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