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by Jon Sinn • Updated: August 20, 2022

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Creating “Tests” That You Can Always Pass

Today I want to talk to about the idea of creating and passing a woman’s tests in order to create attraction.

That’s right I said creating tests. One of the easiest and most predictable way to get attraction is through passing a woman’s tests.

The reasons are pretty simple, tests engage a woman’s emotions, plus she has to be somewhat interested in order to test you in the first place.

Tests have gotten a somewhat bad reputation in the SUISC but in reality they are conditional indicators of interest. Think of them as a woman saying I’ll be attracted to you if you answer this the right way.

But what if a woman doesn’t test you?

While it’s true that you can come in and create so much attraction a woman doesn’t even try to test you and is just interested (In fact that’s what I usually try to do myself) but what happens when you don’t get attraction and the woman isn’t testing you?

The answer is apathy, and apathy is the real enemy of pick-up.

So to avoid apathy and keep a woman emotionally engaged we simply need to create tests for ourselves and then pass them.

How to Create “Tests”

This is the newest stuff I’ve been working in field and it’s REALLY helped my game especially when looked at in the context of creating and passing tests as a way to sexually escalate.

So how do we create tests?

1. Cocky and Funny. If you overdo the cocky and funny most women will test you. You can also just be cocky and that prompt tests as well. The idea here is to say something so outrageous that the woman feels prompted to call you on it giving you an opportunity to pass that test.

2. Player Game. Talking about how you’re dating lots of girls or have 8 Gfs, are a porn star, etc. Will prompt testing.

3. Obvious Lies/messing with her. Telling girls you’re a virgin, a porn star, celibate, or other obvious lies/messing with her type statements will cause tests.

4. Pushbacks. This is where you brand the girl with an unflattering stereotype like being prude, not getting out much, being old fashioned, etc will cause her to push back against it and test you.

5. Arguing. When in doubt you can create a test by arguing with the girl about something. Be sure to do this about something trivial, and not something the girl is really invested in. If her favorite movie is Harry Potter arguing about how stupid wizards are is not gonna gain you points even if you “pass” the test technically.

My Formula for Passing a Woman’s Tests

When it comes to passing tests you want to stick to the holy 3 of:

  1. Agreeing and exaggerating
  2. Going silly- tickling her, singing, mocking her,
  3. 4th grade comebacks- I know you are but what am i, your mom, etc..

So that’s one thing to do in attraction as an overall strategy when you’re not sure what else to do.

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