How “the Scrambler” Makes Her Chase You…

by Bobby Rio • Updated: July 20, 2022
Unlock the Scrambler
unlock the scrambler

Its Time to Unlock the Scrambler…

Hey, I’m Bobby Rio…

And I’ve got a pretty important article for you today, because I want to get to the heart of the Scrambler

And show you how it’s like a secret love pill at your disposal.

See I’ve been coaching dating and attraction advice for almost 11 years now. One of the questions that I always get from guys is:

“How do I make a woman really like me? How do I get her to fall in love with me?”

A lot of times it’s a female friend that you have a crush on, a coworker you might be flirting with, or even a woman you’re dating that you sense is losing interest in you.

What’s ironic is a lot of times we can get the women that we’re not really into…

But the ones we really like, why don’t they ever fall for us?

It all has to do with the psychology of falling in love…


#1 Sign a Woman is Falling In Love…

Think about the last girl you fell in love with or got obsessed over, what was the first sign?

When did you know you were falling in love?

This is key.  This is a critical element of what I call the Scrambler.

The sign that 99% of guys and 99% of women first realize that they’re in love with someone is when they can’t stop thinking about them…

I coach a lot of guys, a lot of times the guy is there because he’s motivated by one girl, by one girl that he can’t get off his mind.

She’s like an impulsive thought that he can’t stop thinking about…

Now, I totally sympathize with those guys because I was there.

If you think love is a strong word, we can define it however you want.

But what we’re really talking about is infatuation…

Where you’re just thinking about her all the time. 

    • You just find yourself constantly, just the thought of her.
    • You can’t go on with your day unless you’re thinking about her, unless you’re talking about her.
    • Every moment you’re checking your phone
    • You’re slipping her name into the conversation
    • Even talking to people who don’t even know her.

Wouldn’t it be great to have that same power, to have a girl thinking about you that much?

Well, stick with me.  Because in a minute, I’ll explain how the Scrambler can achieve just that.

In fact, what a lot of my clients say after discovering the Scrambler is, “Wow. She used this on me. She did this on me.”

Love = Psychic Tension in Her Mind

So let’s go back to it. What is the first ingredient of love? And it’s also the first ingredient of the Scrambler.

This is very important to understand.

The ingredient is to create psychic tension in the other person.

Here’s what I mean by psychic tension…

It’s a tension so much that the only way to relieve it is to want to see the person because you’re thinking about them, you need to see them.

    • You feel a compulsion to see them.
    • You’re talking about them.
    • You’re playing conversations in your mind.
    • You’re analyzing them.
    • You’re possibly on Google going, “What did it mean when they…?”
    • Or you’re on a dating forum going, “She sent me this text. What do you think it means?” 

That is psychic tension and that’s the first ingredient in love. There is no love without it. And for our purposes, it’s the first ingredient in the Scrambler.

Here’s the kicker though…

Here’s the kick in the balls. 

The kick in the balls is that most guys do everything to relieve that tension as quickly as possible in her mind.

This is because as a guy, our natural philosophy is, “I need to let her know. I need to give her certainty. She needs to know how I feel. I have to lay my cards on the table. She needs to know that I’m really into her.”

So we make mistakes like:

    • Being super available.
    • If she asks us to hang out, we’re afraid to say, “No, I can’t hang out this weekend,” because we’re afraid it’s going to put doubt in her mind.
    • We’re afraid that if we don’t text her back right away, it’s going to put doubt in her mind.
    • If she says something we disagree with, we’re afraid to go, “That’s not true,” because it’ll put doubt in her mind.

But here’s the thing, that doubt is what she needs, because that doubt gives her things to think about.

It creates psychic tension.

Without those breadcrumbs of doubt in her mind, you’re a sure thing.

And one thing I can tell you about women, no woman wants a sure thing…

A Girl Will Only Chase a Guy She’s Thinking About

We’ve all had that gut feeling that something changed and we’re not sure why…

I can tell you what went wrong, it’s that she had nothing to think about.

It’s like the end of the movie was already revealed…  She knew what was going to happen next.

When a girl knows what happens next, she’s got no motivation to continue watching the movie.

Let me ask you another question.

Did you ever watch a cat play with a piece of string? 

the cat and string techniqueIt may sound like a silly question…

But it’s the key to the Scrambler…

It’s the key to unlocking a secret desire…

And the key to becoming the guy that women put on a pedestal and chase for sex and relationships. 

When the string’s dangling above her head, just out of reach, the cat goes crazy trying to get it.

It leaps in the air, it dances around and it chases that little piece of string all over the room. 

But as soon as you let go of the string and it drops right between the cat’s paws, a weird thing happens.

The cat just looks at it for a few seconds, gets bored, and walks away. 

Girls are the same exact way. 

The easier you are to catch, the more bored and less interested she become.  

Once a Girl Knows She Has You… It’s Over

The minute she figures out she’s the one holding the power, her attraction for you plummets…

And you’re more likely to win the lottery than to make her your girlfriend.

It happens fast, sometimes within five minutes of talking to you. 

This is why a girl will go from “hot” to “cold” or from wanting to kiss you to wanting to be your friend. 

This is why a girl that seemed totally into you will start ignoring your calls, is suddenly always too busy to hang out…

Or just gets flat out gets mean or unresponsive towards you… 

It’s like she was disappointed the game was so easy and she actually loses respect for you. 

You see, it goes against her nature.

She wants to chase you… She wants the dancing string…  

And the Scrambler turns you into the string that girls can’t help chasing…

Even if they initially weren’t that into you, the more the string dangles, the harder women chase it.

You may or may not have heard Rob or I talk about “the Scrambler”…

Let me give you a little background on it… 

A few years back, Rob and I, we were both sort of at a breaking point. 

We were both really good at teaching guys dating advice.

Yet the thing that his students struggled with, and the things that I noticed when I was talking and coaching my students as I got them better at flirting and better at conversation…

Was that when they met the one girl they really wanted, things always went bad. 

It just never worked out.

So, what the two of us did is we sat there, and sort of like I did in this article…

We reverse engineered the entire process of getting a girl to chase you…

Here’s what we found…

A Second Chance with “The Girl Who Got Away”

Now, if you’re like a lot of guys, there’s at least one girl you have unfinished business with, the girl who got away…

So, one more giant piece of the puzzle was how to make a woman chase you when she’s already turned you down…

Or you feel stuck in the friend-zone…

And how to sneak back in for a “second chance” and have her think it was her idea to pursue you. 

Turns out, it was easier than either of us possibly imagined. 

I’ll explain the trick in a minute and an exact text you can send to jump start her into chasing you as early as tonight.

First, I want to share with you how you can turn all of this into a system you can use…

And take a girl who’s only lukewarm or even pulling away and have her begging for a relationship with you. 

I’d like to teach you some of it now, if that’s all right with you. 

The Core Secret of the Scrambler…

Okay, this is a writer-downer, it’s the core secret of the Scrambler. 

If you can get a girl thinking about you when you’re not around, you can make her fall in love with you. 

If you really get this, it’s like having the key that unlocks any door… 

If a woman is thinking about you when you’re not around, you’re this close to having her fall in love with you.

It doesn’t matter if you’re not her type or if she initially thought of you as a friend, you’re “this” close.

In fact, sometimes if you’re not her type, it’s even more powerful…

Because she finds herself saying, “I don’t know what it is. There’s just something about him.” 

How to Make a Girl Think About You Non-Stop

So, what can you do to get her thinking about you constantly when you’re not around? 

That’s the end game. The end game is not, “I’m going to show her how much I like her.” 

It’s, “I’m going to do everything I can that leave little breadcrumbs, that when she’s home, lead back to me. 

Every thought she has leads back to me and she has no clue why.

First, let me tell you a big mistake I see men make… 

Understanding the Psychology of Women

They think somehow that showing disinterest or pretending you don’t find her attractive will make her want you more. 

But that just lands you in the friend-zone or off her radar completely. 

And if you ever felt confused about where you stand with a woman, in just a second, I’ll share my best tip for figuring out if she wants to kiss you, it works every time.

See, there’s certain things a woman expects to happen when she’s falling in love. And Rob and I designed every step to recreate this feeling in her. 

Most men think that love is cause and effect. “I’m going to take her out to a really nice dinner and it’s going to convince her that I love her. She’s going to fall in love with me because we’re going to be together. It’s going to be romantic. It’s going to be this great perfect romantic, violins playing encounter.”

Tempt Her to Chase You

But where love occurs is when she’s not with you, when she’s at home replaying events, where she’s anticipating your next text message, and asking her friends why you haven’t called yet. 

The problem, like I said, is that most nice guys don’t give her anything to replay in her mind. They don’t give her anything to talk about with her friends and that is boring. 

And ultimately, it drives her away.

Remember this, cats don’t take orders, but they can be tempted to chase. 

What we discovered was, there was a handful of techniques that are like little time bombs that you plant when you’re with her or when you’re texting with her. 

And later on, when she’s alone, boom, these little time bombs go off and now you’re all she can think about.

Tapping into Her Real Romantic Fantasy

Now, this isn’t learning how to play a game. 

It’s about understanding human nature and tapping into a woman’s real romantic fantasy. 

For instance, a woman will always want what she can’t have. But it’s not about hiding your feelings forever or turning into an uncaring jerk. 

It’s to use something we call romantic tension to give her the feeling that she’s slowly winning you over every step of the way. 

So, that she’s chasing you instead of the other way around.

And here’s why that’s so critical. 

She Must Feel Like She’s Earning Your Love

It’s nearly impossible for a woman to feel like she’s in love if she doesn’t feel like she’s earning that love.  

And this is the real reason that confessing your feelings too soon backfires and scares her away. 

So, every part of our system has her working to win you over and loving every minute of it. And it’s all under the radar and completely bypasses her instinct to reject you.  

For example, here’s a tip, refer to her as a friend and watch how quickly her flirty and feminine side comes out. 

See, what Rob and I discovered, was  there were certain things you can do that trigger her womanly instinct to compete. And it becomes a challenge for her to seduce you.

Innocent Ways to Bait Her into Chasing You

It’s all part of her fantasy about earning a man’s love, so her subconscious mind starts telling her, “I must really like this guy.”

We even found there were innocent phrases that bait a girl into chasing you. And you can even slip them into everyday conversations. Even drop them into the text you send or stories you post to keep her thinking about you nonstop. 

And these work no matter how attractive a girl is or how many other guys are after her. 

In fact, Rob used these exact techniques to date Miss California runner-up, several models and his fiancé, Adriana, who’s a weather girl he’s about to marry.

When a Woman “Pulls Away”…

Now, one thing you got to be aware of is there’s almost always a point where a woman will slow things down or pull back her attention. 

Here’s what most men never realize. 99.9% of the time, this is a test. 

See, every step of the way, girls will be testing you. And how you handle these tests signal to her whether or not you’re meant to be together. 

In just a second, I’ll tell you the secret to passing every time.

Make Her See You as “The Prize”

First, here’s another tip. When you’re with a woman, lean your body back as you talk to her, she’ll automatically begin leaning into you. It’s a reflex, she can’t help it, but it subconsciously makes her see you as the prize. 

You see, the technical reason that a lot of these techniques work is because of one psychological principle; women have a tendency to backward rationalize their behavior.

So, the more effort a woman puts into a relationship, the more she convinces herself, “He must be worth it.” Her brain tells her, “You wouldn’t be thinking about him so much if you didn’t like him.” 

Now, if you use one or two of these techniques on their own, you’ll notice a shift in her behavior. She might start getting closer. She might start rubbing your thigh or touching you more. 

But we found the real power comes when you do this unique set of moves in a very specific order that causes her to lose control and compels her to chase you into the bedroom.

bobby rio the scrambler

A Unique Set of Moves That Compels Her to Chase You

We call it the Scrambler, because it’s like an amusement park ride that scrambles her head and crowds out every other guy in her life until you’re the man she thinks about all day long. 

These are the same elements that fill up romance novels women read. And as much as it might not make sense to men, it’s what women are practically programmed to chase.

When you start using this secret, she treats you like you’re the only man in the room. Her attention is like a laser beam focused on making you hers. It starts as a little tug, but pretty soon it’s pulling her towards you. And even if she doesn’t know why, she can’t stop it from happening. 

And it even works on girls you think are out of your league.

Using the Scrambler on Co-workers, Female Friends, and The Girl Who Got Away…

Like Lisa, she was a coworker our client Steve had a secret crush on for years, but she considered him just a friend. 

So, Steve started using a few of the techniques when he’d see her at work. And after just a few days, she’s whispering in his ear how they need to hang out one night this week. Right before he finally kissed her, she said, “I can’t put my finger on it, but there’s just something different about you.”

So, we started sharing it with even more guys. 

And each time we did, we’re stunned to see how well it worked. 

Like Bradley, who used it to reconnect with his old high school crush. And how after three dates, a girl he thought he’d never get to see naked, was suddenly his sweet, supportive girlfriend. 

And we knew right then just how powerful it was and how many relationships could be saved.

A Time Machine That Rewinds Things Back to the Beginning…

Because the Scrambler is like a time machine that rewinds things right back to the beginning with her. So, you have a second chance to get things right. 

That’s been the experience of the 12 guys we invited to a private, closed door seminar we held at Rob’s house in Scottsdale.

Like Tom, who’s 56 and wrote to say, “I came to the Unlock the Scrambler seminar, because there was a younger woman who worked in the same surgery center as me. Now, after my wife left me, my confidence was crushed, so I had serious doubts this would work, especially with the giant age difference. But since it’s all under the radar, I felt I had nothing to lose. Wow. It was like something ignited in her eyes and she just had to have me. And for the past three months, I’ve been sleeping with a smoking hot 23 year old.”

And because the results exceeded our wildest expectations, we’re opening up the Unlock the Scrambler system to a few more guys today. 

Introducing “Unlock the Scrambler” System

unlock the scrambler course

Now, we know not everyone can attend one of our private seminars or hire us for coaching, which is why now, for the first time ever, we’re making the entire Unlock the Scrambler seminar available as a private access download site and giving you our complete step-by-step playbook that gets a girl chasing you into the bedroom and transforms her into your loving, loyal girlfriend.

This system works the first time you use it. 

No practice, no exercise. 

We’ve already spent thousands of hours on testing and trial and error, so you don’t have to. 

Stay in Control with a Girl the Entire Time

What our students love is how it lets you stay in control even when you’re nervous, how it predicts her every move, so you always feel one step ahead, like you’re reading her mind and always know exactly what to do next.

And because the Scrambler works on a totally subconscious level and works without her even realizing what’s happening, it won’t matter if you’re out of shape, it won’t matter if you’re bald, you’re broke, you’re five-feet tall. 

Maybe you’re even thinking of a girl right now who you’re going to use it on first. 

Let me tell you, when you’re talking to that one special girl, the one that you’d give anything to get into bed with and make your girlfriend, you’ll feel so much more confident when you have a step-by-step system like this to follow, a system that guarantees she’ll start to fall for you.

And it’s all laid out in five easy steps that make it impossible to mess up. Even an inexperienced virgin could pull this off. 

And if you’re in the friend-zone or you’re already messed up, we’re going to show you a psychological tool we call the Clean Slate Technique, that erases any mistake you made from her mind, so it feels completely natural for her to suddenly want to sleep with you.

This program is dramatically different from anything you might have tried before, because it’s customizable for your exact situation, no matter how unique it is. 

Here are a Few Things You’ll Learn in Unlock the Scrambler

See, part of a woman falling for you is giving her the impression that you understand her more than any other guy. But you can’t do it with flattery or by nodding your head at everything she says. 

It requires complimenting her in a specific way on three very specific things.

We call this technique her Golden Mirror.

We discovered it after digging through hundreds of books on the psychology of love. 

And since the entire system is designed to give her the feeling she’s winning you over, we’ll explain the exact moments to give her each of these three compliments. 

It’s shocking how quickly the words, “I love you,” slip out of her mouth, how she suddenly clears everything from her calendar to be with you.

Do You want a Second Chance with a Girl?

And if you want a second chance with the girl who got away or a girl who’s slipping away right now, you’ll get our nine-word text that crawls inside her head and has her obsessed with seeing you again.

I’ll tell you the text in a second and exactly how it triggers her to chase you no matter how much time is gone by.

Now, I know some people will say, “Just move on.”  Or, “There are plenty of fish in the sea.” 

But if you’re like Rob and I, you know that sometimes a woman is worth fighting for. Sometimes you have to give it your best shot or else you spend the rest of your life regretting that you didn’t at least try.

    • And if the idea of making a move on a female friend or ex-girlfriend makes you nervous, we’ll show you a trick that gets her so turned on, she’ll make the first move 95% of the time.
    • You’ll learn an innocent five-word question you can ask that immediately tells you if she’s ready to sleep with you.
    • We’ll teach you 12 obsession triggers you can start using the minute you meet her to make her ignore every other man in her life and see you as the only option she wants.

This isn’t about using a line to get a girl’s attention, and then having no clue what to do next. 

This is a complete system for transforming her tiny spark of interest into a full-blown desire to be with you. 

You’ll have it downloaded into your brain, so that every move you make, all goes according to plan.

    • You’ll discover a technique we call the Power Shift, that compels her to pursue you between dates, so you don’t have to sleeve over what text to send, because she’ll do all the work.
    • And then, how to smoothly transition from going on dates with her, to being in a relationship in a way that has her think it was her idea to get more serious with you.

If you feel like women are confusing or complicated, I get it. I’ve been there too. And I can tell you, it’s not your fault. 

A woman you want will always feel out of reach when you’re not tapping into her natural instinct to chase. 

But the minute you do, it feels like you’re playing the game on the easy level. And she’ll fall into your arms with half the effort you spent chasing girls in the past.

    • You’ll get our step-by-step instruction for the best way to ask her out, especially if she’s turned you down before.
    • How to invite her back to your place and exactly how to act after you sleep with her, that leaves her craving more.
    • You’ll get Rob’s secret playbook for turning a woman on sexually even if you’re not her type.
    • What to talk about, so she’s hanging on your every word and thinking of giving herself to you within minutes of meeting you.

“Unlock the Scrambler” Gives You An Unfair Advantage

Now, I’ll warn you, when she suddenly leans across the table to give you a kiss or takes you by the hand and lead you into her room, you might think you’re cheating the system and you might think it’s unfair or feel guilty that she’s chasing you. 

But I promise, it’s a hell of a lot better than writing some cringe-worthy texts confessing your feelings or sending a bouquet of flowers and getting the friend-zone speech in return. 

And since it all feels natural, you can use it on classmates or coworkers. And she’ll never suspect you’re using a technique on her.

Here’s what else she’ll love. It allows you to put the game on autopilot. 

No more worrying about every little move you make with her. Just sit back and let the Scrambler do the work

I’ve seen one simple move fix things with a woman who’s pulling away and bring her back in a way where she’s chasing you instead. 

We removed all the guess work for you by giving you the exact words, phrases, and actions you need for any situation you’re going through.

“How Can I Get Started?”

And by now, I’m sure you’ve realized how powerful this really is.

Maybe you’re even beginning to allow yourself to imagine all the ways you’re going to use it in your own life and how incredible it’s going to feel when you finally get that one girl you’ve been thinking about…

And right now, you might be wondering, “How can I get started? Are my results guaranteed? And how much does it cost?”

Well, I’m going to answer that question and show you exactly how in just a moment.

But first, let me ask you…

What’s it worth to you to know that no matter how old you get, no matter what kind of shape you’re in physically, you’re still going to have an amazing girl who loves you because you connect to her on a much deeper, psychological level, and that if you ever decide to test the waters again, you can get right back in the game knowing your next girlfriend is a few steps away? 

What’s that kind of power really worth?

Well, Rob and I charged $5,000 for a weekend of private coaching and we charged the test group $1,700 just to attend the seminar. 

But seeing as the Unlock the Scrambler is hosted online, Rob suggested we only charge $599 for online access. 

That price would be totally fair, because the secrets to have the power to permanently change your dating and sex life. 

And plus, I haven’t even told you out the full-length bonus programs I’m including for free, with your copy of Unlock the Scrambler.

But for today’s special event, you won’t pay that, you won’t even pay $299. 

Hell, you won’t even pay half of that. Here’s what’s going to happen. 

Order Unlock the Scrambler Now

We’re opening up spots to Unlock the Scrambler today and the next 50 guys who order will pay the massively discounted, fast action price of $79. 

This system is all hosted discreetly online, which means you can get access to it right now and start using these secrets on the girl you want within the next hour. 

Just click this link to claim your discounted spot.

After watching Unlock the Scrambler just once, you’ll be an expert on using the Scrambler to find a wife, a girlfriend, or just some casual fun with a female friend, a coworker, or even a girl who serves you your coffee at Starbucks.

unlock the scrambler order button

60-Day Money Back Guarantee

To make your decision even more of a no-brainer, I’m going to offer you a no questions asked money back guarantee. 

You’re going to have a full 60 days to examine and try the Unlock the Scrambler system for yourself. 

If for some reason you don’t win over that one girl you’ve had your eye on months or even years, or if you just feel the system isn’t for you for any reason, simply shoot me an email at and I’ll give you 100% of your money back.

Here’s 6 More Bonuses with Unlock the Scrambler

But that’s not it, because we also decided to include some additional bonuses that I think you’re going to love as our way of saying thanks for giving it a try. 

Bonus #1: Invisible Escalation

The first bonus is called Invisible Escalation.  

And it teaches you a rejection-proof technique that’s perfect for a female friend or ex-girlfriend or any girl you want to sneak in under the radar.  Because it shows you how to have her so turned on that she makes a move on you. 

When you use this simple technique, you’ll be unhooking her bra and running your hand up her back as she trembles in anticipation. 

And the best part is, she thinks it was her idea to seduce you.

Bonus #2: Decode Her Signals

Now, if you ever found a girl confusing, you’re going to love the next bonus called Decode Her Signals. 

Decode Her Signals reveals exactly what she’s thinking every step of the way. All her confusing behavior will finally make sense, so you can predict her every move and confidently go for the kiss or invite her back to your place without ever worrying about getting rejected.

Bonus #3: 66 “Sexual Trigger” Words

We found that certain innocent words automatically turn a woman on and create the sexual attraction she needs to feel to be with you. 

So, we compiled a collection of 66 words you can use to slip inside her subconscious mind and trigger sexual feelings every time she thinks of you. 

Here’s how it works, just drop a few of these words the next time you’re with her and her arousal is automatic. 

And within minutes, you’ll practically taste the desire on her breath as she talks to you.

Bonus #4: 12 Conversation Topics That Make Her Fall in Love

You’re also going to get the 12 Conversation Topics That Make Her Fall in Love Special Report.

In this report you’ll learn the 12 most interesting conversation topics in the world to any woman. 

So, if you’ve ever been lost for something to say, simply start talking about any of these things and know it’s not fashion or gossip or anything girly. In fact, you’ll be surprised at how much you actually know about these topics and how easily they spark chemistry between you and her.

Bonus #5: Ethical Boyfriend Destroyer Sequence

See, if she’s already dating someone else and you know she likes you, but she’s too scared to take the steps, this sequence gives her the permission she needs to finally rush into your arms. 

And it does it without ever once badmouthing her boyfriend or putting pressure on her to leave him. You’ll be shocked when she suddenly tells you how she broke up with her boyfriend and she’s waiting for you to finally ask her out.

Bonus #6: Flirting Handbook

You’re also going to get the entire flirting handbook that shows you how to develop an amazing sense of humor fast, even if you’ve never been able to think quickly on your feet. 

And a handful of other special bonuses will surprise you within the private members area, where you can download all the material or view it online. 

Not to mention, you’ll have lifetime access to our members forum to ask questions and get feedback from other guys who’ve used the Scrambler to land their dream girl already.

Get Access to The Scrambler Now

That said, we’re only going to guarantee the special pricing and bonuses for today. 

And just to be super clear about a few things, you’ll never be able to buy Unlock the Scrambler with a better package than today.  

Furthermore, rest assured, this is a one-time payment. There are no hidden charges or subscription fees whatsoever. I’ve always hated that stuff as much as you do.

So, when you click this link, you’ll get taken to an order recap page, where you’ll see everything you’re going to get within minutes from now. 

Then, click the add to cart button to proceed to our 256-bit secure order page. Then, fill in your order information and confirm your order to our 100% safe and secure order form. And you’ll get immediate access to the entire Unlock the Scrambler system and all the bonuses.

Everything is completely private, and the charge shows up as ClickBank on your statement.

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60 Full Days to Try “Unlock the Scrambler “Out Risk Free

And remember, we’re giving you a 60-day no questions asked, 100% money back guarantee to make getting started with Unlock the Scrambler absolute no-brainer for you. 

There’s simply no risk to you. The only risk you could possibly face is the one of pain and regret if you miss out on experiencing this life-changing formula when you have the chance.

We know how amazing it’s going to feel for you when you notice that pendulum of power swing noticeably to your side. 

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