5 Things to Say to Make Her Fall In Love

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by Bobby Rio • Updated: August 11, 2022

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what to say to make her fall in love

99.9% of Girls Will Chase You When You Say “THIS”

A lot of guys ask, what can I say to a girl to make her fall in love…

Well, in this article I’m going to share 5 things you can say to make a girl really fall for you..

Now, a few of these tips may sound weird or counter-intuitive, but there is very specific psychology behind every technique I’ll I’m going to share today, as I’ll explain…

Hi, my name is Bobby Rio, and what I’ve found coaching guys for the past 13 years is that when a guy has feelings for a girl, he’s more likely to say the WRONG THINGS, then he is to say things that actually cause her to become more attracted to him and to fall in love…

Using Compliments to Make a Girl Fall in Love

For instance, a lot of times when a guy has feelings for a girl, he has the urge to compliment her A LOT.

I get it, I’ve been there, I know that feeling…

But, when it comes to complimenting a woman, two things are critically important.

First, is that you make her feel like she’s earned the compliment.

Let me explain… this means instead of blurting out compliments all at once or every time you see her, which not only loses effectiveness, but actually starts to annoy a girl…

It should appear to a woman that you’re slowly falling for her, that you’re slowly realizing the special things you like about her, like she’s winning you over day by day.

Now the second part of it, is that compliments work better when you compliment something she feels is unique to her personality, and not a general compliment on her looks or eyes or whatever.

If a woman has really nice eyes, how many guys do think have already told her that?  Do you want to be lumped into that category? Or do you want to go deeper where she feels like you’re seeing her and admiring the real her… that other guys miss.

Use My “Golden Mirror” Technique

Here’s something really powerful.

There is something I teach called The Golden Mirror, and there are a few ways to do it, here’s one that you can start with…

Make a compliment directly related to a woman’s dream.

So, as an example, if she wants to be, say, a psychiatrist, you could say:

“You are really easy to talk to, and I could totally see you being the type of person that people just want to share information with. I almost feel like I’ve already told you things that I never tell anyone.”

Now, a good thing to do is, you can end it by saying something like “too bad you’re such a dork” which breaks the tension and brings things back to a more playful level and stops it from getting too serious…

And I’ll explain why that’s important in a minute…

Make Her Feel Like She’s Winning You Over

In addition to validating something important to her, it also does something very important for YOU.

It communicates That You Are The SELECTOR And Not The SELECTEE.

Most guys will ‘settle’ for anything they can get. When you let a woman know that you are actually sizing HER up, SHE’LL be the one trying to impress you. She’ll become addicted to trying to impress you.

The more she finds herself trying to impress you, the more invested she becomes in you, and more likely she is to fall in love with you…

Ok, next…

Don’t Be Easy to Figure Out

Women are “meaning makers” which means a girl is always looking for the deeper meaning behind what you’re doing or saying.

So, as example,  if you show up for a date with her with a bouquet of roses and reservations at a super fancy restaurant…

The meaning she might make is “wow, he’s super serious about me already, maybe he’s not used to dating a woman like me”

Which is why you have to be careful.

So, you must be conscious of the meaning she might be making of your action or your words, without you even realizing it…

But, what’s important to understand, is that for women, the harder the meaning is to decipher, the more invested she becomes in figuring you out…

I always tell my clients, if a woman figures you out too soon, it’s over.

Women don’t want a sure thing or a predictable guy…

They also don’t want a guy who doesn’t give them a ‘mental challenge’… women crave a mental challenge…

This is why anything that you do that’s ambiguous, anything the girl can’t quite understand, will lead to her being more and more interested in you. Because she’ll spend more and more time thinking about you.

So, if you can do things that send “mixed messages:, like telling a girl you like her and then pushing her away…

This keeps her mind trying to figure out what’s going on, and that ‘mental challenge’ for her is extremely addicting…

But first, I do want to say, like anything else, if these techniques are used too much, they become worthless… so they must be used sparingly and only at the right moments.

It took a lot of trial and error, but I discovered a specific order that makes them even more effective…

Becoming a “Mental Challenge”

First, here’s another tip…

Repeat Her Name to Make Her Fall in Love

Use her name several times in a conversation with her as you make eye contact as you’re talking with her…

Even though on the surface it’s really innocent, It creates a sense of intimacy between you.

If you’ve ever had a woman hold eye contact and use your name, you probably know what I mean, it creates a little electric spark, right?

And it builds tension, because it taps into that “meaning maker” tendency of hers, to start thinking, what’s going on here, is something going on between us…

Make Her Imagine a Future with You

Ok, the next technique is something called “Future Projecting”, and there are a lot of ways to do this, but here’s a fun one…

After you take a picture with her, right, you’re taking a picture with her, jokingly say “damn we’d make some good looking babies” and then move on to another topic.

Because what you did, what you did was you just anchored a future with you in her mind, and as a bonus, you made her imagine sleeping with you.

Now here’s a tip that involves what you don’t say…

What You Should NEVER Say to a Woman

Stop telling her what you think she wants to hear. Many guys will talk a woman out of feeling attracted, even talking her out of falling in love.  Especially if you start telling her exactly how you feel about her too soon..

TELLING her is bad because it takes the MAGIC, the SUSPENSE, the MYSTERY, and the TENSION and that “mental challenge” out of the situation.

It pops the balloon.

It’s kills the chemistry.

When you say to a woman very early on “I like you”, in her head the woman hears:

“He is admitting to me that he likes me, which gives me all the power, which, for some strange reason, makes me not like him as much anymore.”

Now there’s a lot of psychological reasons behind this…

You see every woman’s biggest fantasy is the day when she finally tells a guy, her feelings about him.

And when you tell her your feelings first, or too soon… you’re robbing her of that dream.

Every woman that falls in love goes through the same exact process, and when you know the process you can take her through it and she’ll think it was her idea to fall for you.

Have you ever heard the saying, “we love to buy, but we hate to be sold”

This is why everything needs to be under-the-radar, so she feels like it’s her decision to chase you, because if she senses you’re trying to convince her to like you or manipulate her to like you, she’ll subconsciously put the breaks on, and pull back.

A lot of times she won’t know why she’s rejecting you… but she’ll just have a bad feeling about things.

You cannot convince a woman to like you. And if you try you’ll sound weak, needy, and desperate.

Your job is to help her come to that conclusion on her own. And you do that, through a mix of giving her the feeling she’s winning you over, and being the ‘mental challenge’, she craves…

#1 Way to Keep Her Chasing You

Men’s Brains vs Women’s Brain (when it comes to love)

See, there is an inherent biological difference in the way men and female brains are wired.

Instead of letting it confuse you (which happens to 99.9% of all men), learn to use it to your advantage so they will become interested in, and fall in love with YOU.

As I mentioned earlier, on their own these techniques are powerful, but when you do them in a specific order, she can’t help but fall in love, even if you’re not her type or she already sees you as a friend.

So, I have a video, where I map out the exact technique, and the specific steps you can take to get her chasing you, instead of the other way around.

It is VITALLY important that you know EXACTLY how to go from one step to the next with a woman… in a way that always leaves her wanting more…

And that’s what I explain in the this video, how to move things forward, in an under-the-radar way that makes her feel like she’s winning you over, and when you do this, is a lot easier to turn her into your girlfriend because it feels like her idea.

And what I also explain is that even if you’ve already messed up, you can turn things around, you can erase those mistakes so you have a second chance to stop her from pulling away…

How to Put Make a Girl Fall In Love

So if you want sort of a PhD on this, where we break down each of the phases and we give you exactly what you need to do.

I suggest checking out the scrambler seminar if you haven’t already because we go through each phase with example after example of how to do this. Because like I said, most guys think of the surface level stuff, right? Well I won’t text her back right away. Well, that’s basic.

That’s so predictable.  It was every guy does so it has no effect on her, what we teach is the psychology of love and attraction and a woman’s real idea of romance.

You want to get levels and levels deeper.

That’s where the deep attraction forms. That’s where she feels like she’s falling in love.

So you can learn the technique here.