Making “Nice Guy” Mistakes with Girls?
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3 Simple Steps To Verbally Take Things to an “Intimate Level” with a Woman…

(So you NEVER Get Stuck in the Friend Zone)

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If you’re tired of getting “stuck” in conversations with a “friend zone” vibe, and can never seem to move things towards that first kiss, this class will show you three simple steps that allow you to do just that.

Presented by Bobby Rio

Bobby Rio will show you how easy it is to take a conversation to a more “intimate” level that has a woman waiting to be kissed. He breaks down the process into three easy to follow steps, and provides countless examples of how to apply this to your next interaction with a woman.

In this FREE Online Class, You’ll Discover:

  • The 5 Big Mistakes guys make that have women instantly disqualifying them as sexual partners (These are the 5 main reasons you got the friend zone speech)
  • Why a woman makes up her mind about sleeping with you in the first few minutes of a conversation and what are the “clues” she looks for
  • How to let a girl know you’re “sexually interested” in her… WITHOUT coming across as creepy, weird, or desperate.
  • “The Chemistry Test” One simple and “discreet” move you can use to instantly tell if there is a sexual connection between you and her… it takes the “guesswork” out of going for the kiss
  • “8 Point Seduction Guide” Once you sense she’s attracted do you have trouble making your move? Use this 8 point guide to easily transition from teasing and flirting to physical intimacy.
  • “The Toying Gave” A simple move you can use that sly moves things from “friendly” to “sexual” without saying a word.
  • “Escalate the Flirtation” How to turn up the dial and take a woman who was ‘sort of’ into you and have her full blown turned on.
  • “The R-Rated Switch” How to slip a few words into a conversation with her that turn her on and change the vibe of the conversation from 'friendly' to 'romantic'
  • Examples of how to move a conversation through the “3 Steps to Intimacy” system

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