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by Jon Sinn • Updated: June 19, 2022

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My Top 10 Free or Really Really Really Cheap Date Ideas…

Vacation was rad, but now that I’m back on the “Real World” or at least as close to it as I ever want to end up, it’s time to get back to work.

Unfortunately for all of you, a few demanding commentators pissed me off by demanding I put things in the free cold read video I was making and now I’m just sending it to people who have bought products already (still free but not for everyone on our list).

The lesson as always keep your fucking mouth shut when I’m giving you free content. So blame the commentators who demanded stuff in a free video on a free blog… Losers no wonder you don’t get chicks.

In lieu of that and since I’m REALLY REALLY annoyed with the people who comment on here, you get a list of 10 date ideas if you don’t like it; fuck you.

I know most of you are broke so I will keep them free or really really close to free.

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10 Free Places to Take a Girl.

1. See a free comedy show. Almost all improve classes and comedy places have free shows every week. These are rarely going to be professional comics, but bad comedy can sometimes be really funny in an unintentional way.

2. Go to Costco, eat samples, play with weird Costco things, get a huge slice of pizza for a 1.99 and maybe do some grocery shopping. Fun Day.

3. Sit in a park with coffee and people watch. One of my go-to’s with girls under 21.

4. Become part of a flash mob. This is really fun and free and a great way to meet other people. Check out www.Improveeverywhere.com for info.

5. Volunteer somewhere together. You can volunteer with animals and play with them or if you’re smart try to find a festival for a cause that needs volunteers and get to enjoy the festival for free.

6. Take your dog or a friend’s dog to the park for a long walk.

7. Head to a museum. This is great as most have a donate what you wish fee and you can wish to donate 0 as I do.

8. Cook a gourmet meal, head to www.Supercook.com put in the stuff in your fridge and it will give you a recipe sure to impress.

9. Meet to watch the sunrise or set somewhere romantic.

10. Go for a hike. Hiking has been my most recent date cause I get exercise and I get to go on a date which is like hitting a double.

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