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by Coaching Staff • Updated: August 31, 2022

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13 Ideas For Where to Take a Woman on a Date

First dates need to follow a certain set of rules.

You’re trying to create a scenario where it’s easy for her to say “yes”.

The best way to do that is to create a scenario that’s low pressure. It’s so much easier for someone to commit to something when it’s no big deal.

Most guys think to do the opposite of this. They try to go big and impress the girl.

I was once catching up with a girl I dated in college, and we were sharing stories about some of our worst dating experiences.

She told me about a time when a guy once picked her up in a limo, rented out a patio on a super expensive hotel and then had the whole thing catered with elaborate fruit plates. And she couldn’t have been more turned off and uncomfortable.

Sure, that’s an extreme example, but you get the idea.

You want an environment that is enjoyable or fun, but lets you talk easily and become closer.

So before we get into the best first date ideas, let’s first look at some bad date ideas to avoid.

Avoid These Date Ideas

  • Movies:  Movies are not a great place for talking. Yes, you will probably go see movies together, but for the first few dates, avoid them.
  • Coffee date: Its kind of overplayed at this point. It’s becoming cliche’.
  • Your place or a friend’s place:  Your place can come off as suspect for ulterior motives, and a friend’s can lead to boredom or embarrassment. And, avoid the friend’s party as well. Lots of room for disaster.
  • Meet the family:  Need I explain this? Not on a date. Just don’t.
  • Clubs and bars: Noisy, obnoxious, fighting for her attention, the list goes on.

These are the 13 Best First Date Ideas

One aspect of a good date is showing that you put thought into it. While the right date doesn’t require a lot of thought, it is the fact you did that wins their heart. How you approach the date will revolve around  where you are at? in the relationship and what the romance level needs to be.

Are you courting or convincing? If you are on a non-romantic date, don?t kill the date with flowers and soft music. However, if she might be ?the one,? make sure to add the romantic flair to the date.

So let’s get into the 13 best first date ideas.

Date Idea #1: Going to a park

This is a tried and true date location. Dates in parks can have so many variations. Plan a picnic; nothing too elaborate, simple fare, a bottle of wine and a nice day. Go for a walk through the park; it’s simple but lets you focus on her, and you can make stops for a snack or drink as you go. Plan a movie at the park; technology has gotten us to the point where enjoying a movie together in the park is easy, and lots of ways to accomplish it. This is much more personal than the theater version.

Date Idea #2: Happy Hour Drinks

Unlike going to a bar at night when its usually loud and packed, meeting for “happy hour” is great because normally there is a more laid back vibe. And if you grab a spot at a couple of stools near the bar, it’s easy to create a comfortable environment for flirting and touching.  Its also low key, and low pressure.

Date Idea #3: Botanical gardens or the beach

Flowers and nature appeal to many ladies. These locations offer lots of opportunity to share and interact with each other and the environment. Take a thermos of wine, relax and enjoy the beauty with her.

Date Idea #4: Wine tasting

Many ladies love wine. Show a little culture and go to a wine tasting. You will learn a bit about wine, as well as enjoy some.

Date Idea #5: Art fairs and music festivals 

Most of these are held in local parks or in town. These are great places to learn about each other?s tastes, enjoy some nice food and music and conversation is easy to have.

Date Idea #6: Go Shopping with Her

You don’t even have to buy anything most of the time, but if you need something anyway, it’s a great time to invite a girl a out.  Its also a great last minute date to schedule with a girl.  Simply text her, “I’m heading to mall to get a pair of sneakers, come and help me pick a cool pair”

Date Idea #7: Drive-In movies

While a normal theater environment isn’t great for a date, drive-ins are. If one still exists near you, give it a try. It is great for nostalgia, and it is perfect for privacy and close conversation while being able to see a move as well.

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Date Idea #8: Explore a new area together

Maybe there is an eclectic part of town that neither of you has explored. Maybe one or the other has and can act as a guide. Either way, you have plenty of opportunities to talk, learn and enjoy each other?s company. Spontaneity is romantic so don?t be afraid to enjoy activities you might discover while there.

Date Idea #9: Skip dinner and do a dessert challenge

Girls love sweets. Challenge yourselves to discover the best sweet in town. Pop into some different local restaurants, sweet shops, etc. and share a dessert. This is great for talking and getting to know each other, plus sharing dessert is romantic.

Date Idea #10: Cook dinner for her

This can be a challenge if you don’t know how to cook. However, you wouldn’t be the first guy to learn how to cook one specific meal and attempt to knock her socks off. Just remember, smart men know how to cook. While this seems to go against the ‘your place for the date’  rule, you should do this at her place. Coming to her home and cooking her a wonderful meal is like instant romance. You can even screw up with the meal a bit and receive forgiveness. The romance factor can be that high.

Date Idea #11: Bowling

Bowling has been a staple of my dating repertoire for many years.? There is one big reason that bowling beats out other sports like mini-golf, billiards, or laser tag.


The reason “sport” dates work so well is because they allow for competitive flirting.

It is also extremely easy to initiate some physical contact on a “sport” date. Every time either one of you knock some pins down there is a high five.?When you tease her about her gutter ball she is bound to playfully slap you.

Date Idea #12: Comedy Show/Appetizers

Standup comedy shows are amazing for creating a really fun vibe around the night.  They also give you and the woman a ton of call-back humor to use throughout the night.

The trick with this kind of date is that you need to go to the early showing of the comedy show, then grab appetizers afterwards at Fridays or Chilli’s.?

This way by the time the two of you wind up sucking down beers and wings, you’re already in a fun mood.

Comedy dates are great because they also give you a ton of material for later interactions. If the comedian was really funny- you can constantly recall some of his better material at appropriate moments- re-sparking that connection.

Date Idea #13: Toy Store

Women love to shop.  They love any excuse to shop.  And they are well aware that men are oblivious when it comes to picking out gifts.

This presents a great opportunity for a really fun afternoon or evening with a woman. And it is completely easy. Just pick out a niece, nephew, cousin, basically any kid you know (and truthfully you can make the damn kid up) and ask the woman to come with you to pick out a toy for the kid.

Toy stores are also filled with a lot of toys that lend themselves to playful flirting. You’ll find beach balls you can throw at her. Trampolines, Super soakers, and a ton of other items that you can use as an excuse to get physical.

Those are just a few ideas to get you going. Tailor any date to the girl in question.

If you are doing your job right, you know her likes and dislikes. There are so many places to have a date, it makes you wonder why you instantly think dinner or movie. Again, the important part is that you put thought into a date.

When you keep a woman wondering what the next date holds, you keep her interested.

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