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by Bobby Rio • Updated: August 11, 2022

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What’s the #1 Way to Keep a Girl Interested in You

What’s the one thing you can do that keeps a woman interested in you, keeps her pursuing you, and has her ultimately fall in love with you, even when there are other guys in the picture.

That’s what we’re going to cover in this article.

Hi, I’m Bobby Rio and a lot of guys have the false belief you have to be an uncaring jerk or play games to attract and keep a woman into you.

But there is one element, 99% of guys miss, and this one element determines whether or not you’ll keep a girl interested and make her your girlfriend.

Without this element it’s almost impossible to keep her from eventually “pulling away”

In fact, nearly every movie, tv show, romance novel geared towards women, all use it because they know how addicting it is to women.

So, what is it?

It’s called Romantic Tension.

Men and women have completely different ideas of romance, so let me explain what a woman’s idea of romance is.

What is romantic tension?

It’s the buildup, it’s the uncertainty, its “the will it or won’t it happen”, it’s the real or imaginary obstacles she sees that could stop her from being with you.

This is all the tension she’s feeling when she’s with you or thinking about you.

The greater this romantic tension, the more likely she is to fall in love.

Let me explain what I mean.

See, as guys, we don’t quite get this because it goes against our nature.

And we get annoyed when a woman seems to want drama, or she doesn’t go for the nice guy, and we assume it’s because she wants a jerk, and we complain ‘she should like me for me’ or whatever.

And this is a selfish point of view that “nice guys” have.

Everything That Keeps a Girl Interested in Based on Romantic Tension

Because see, everything a woman is attracted to is based on “romantic tension“.

Think about sex, for a woman, it’s the mental buildup of foreplay that gets her most turned on right?

If a guy drops in pants the minute he walks in the room with her, that doesn’t turn her on… For a woman it’s the SLOW BUILD.

It’s the tension that turns her on.  It’s the guy who touches her for a bit, starts moving his hand down her leg, then stops, and makes her want it more.

That’s how women are wired, that tension turns a girl on.

Think about romance novels or romantic comedies, and think about how they dial up the tension…

What’s the general plot that women respond to?

He likes me, he doesn’t like me, there’s another woman in the picture, will he choose me?  Will he eventually decide that I’m the one for him?

That’s the storyline women are addicted to.

It’s the same with the type of conversation women crave from a guy.

Flirting and banter is tension, right?  You tease her and it creates this tension, and then the tension gets released.

Tension is the split second of eye contact.

Tension is the brief touch on the arm.

Women love the sensation of WANTING MORE.

Here is something to write down: Women equate longing with love.

Remember that, and I’ll repeat it, women equate longing with love.

When a woman is LONGING to get a text from you, she enjoys that tension, that’s romance for her.

She enjoys the LONGING.

This is why “nice guys” lose out, because they deprive her of HER IDEA of romance.

And they say things like I don’t want to play games.  But really what is happening is a “nice guy” wants to use HIS IDEA OF ROMANCE.

A nice guy is still playing games, he’s just using his idea of romance to do it.   Because he think that should work. Flowers, poems, favors, compliments.

But that’s YOUR IDEA of romance, not hers.

Let me explain TENSION in a way that maybe a guy can relate to:

If you’ve ever been at a strip club.  And there are two strippers who are trying to get you buy a lap dance.

Which one do you choose?

Stripper number, she walks up to you topless, shakes her boobs in your face, and immediately asks if you want a lap dance…

Or Stripper 2

Stripper number two is covered up with a cute outfit, she walks by lets her hand run against your neck, but she keeps walking and she stops and talks to another guy, but she occasionally glances at you with a quick smile, you make a little eye contact, you get a little glimpse of skin, just a tiny glimpse though.

Which one do you want the lap dance from more?

Most guys would obsess over number two because she’s stimulated his imagination.

That’s sexual tension, we can understand that as men.

But there’s also romantic tension… And for women, this is a huge turn on.

And a way to think about it is, two steps forward, one step back.

You want to leave her always wanting more.

Examples of Creating Romantic Tension with Women

So, here’s a few examples of what I mean…

Little glimpses of what you’re thinking.

Instead of revealing everything about yourself and what you like and what you want, give her little glimpses so that she wants to learn more about you.

Give her little glimpses of your full, undivided attention.

See women want that, but if it comes too easily, it loses its value.  So give her glimpses of it but don’t give it all away at once.

Little glimpses of validation.

In my Scrambler system, we talk about the three areas a woman needs to be validated in before she falls in love.

Give her the feeling she’s slowly winning you over

We also talk about how it’s about giving her the feeling that she’s slowly winning you over.

That’s another writer-downer, give her the feeling she is slowly winning you over.  Bit by bit, day by day, move by move, NOT all at once.

That’s romantic tension, and that is like a drug to women.

Most guys don’t understand this and actually do the opposite and eliminate all the tension she feels almost immediately.

If you haven’t watched my Scrambler technique yet, there is a link below because I walk you the through the process of how a woman falls in love, and what the real ingredients are, step-by-step, because most men don’t get this right.

And I also explain how even if you already messed up, you can turn things around by introducing this romantic tension into every interaction with a woman.

But you have to do it in a very specific way.

It’s the ONLY WAY you can get out of the friend zone, is to dial up the romantic tension…

It’s also true in terms of getting an ex-girlfriend back.

If you don’t truly understand this idea of romantic tension, women will continually slip away.

And you’ll blame it on the WRONG THINGS

So, click the link and read about my Scrambler technique if you haven’t yet, it goes deeper into romantic tension.

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