Why You Should Escalate The Vibe with a Woman

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by Chris “60” Anderson
Updated: March 20, 2022

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Getting Over Your Fear of Escalation

One of the biggest fears guys have is revealing that they are interested in a woman.

As a result, many aspiring seducers end up spending too much time in what is referred to as the “attraction phase”.

This is quite amusing because in my opinion there is no separate attraction phase.

In fact, most of my easiest and fastest seductions all had one important thing in common.

The attraction and escalation stages were happening at the same time.

Escalation is Attractive

The first mindset to internalize is that escalation is an attractive quality.

In fact, escalation may be the most important quality to display if you want to get a particular woman interested in you.

Making such a bold move, especially quickly, shows confidence and immediately makes women notice you. Any average guy can make a move after they know a woman is definitely interested. Big deal.

Escalating The Vibe

Of course when I talk about escalating quickly as being attractive I’m not talking about groping or cat-calling women as they walk by.

In fact it’s just the opposite.

Instead of worrying about complimenting or touching women, your initial focus should be on what I call “escalating the vibe”.

Escalating vibe basically means the tone of your interactions should quickly progress from social and friendly to more seductive and serious.

An example of a seductive vibe would be holding her gaze, moving very close to her and being comfortable with silence.

By putting out just a little bit of seductive energy you can create lots of tension. And the good news is, tension between a man and a woman is usually felt as sexual tension.

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Creepy or Connection?

Now here is where things get interesting.

This feeling of tension you can create with your seductive vibe is similar to the physical symptoms a woman feels when she is attracted to a man. Her heart is beating fast, she starts blushing, and may even begin to feel nervous.

In some cases, women will feel these same powerful emotions even if she is not officially attracted to you yet.

On the other hand, if a woman isn’t enjoying your vibe she will interpret the tension you created as awkward. As such, she may respond by giving you the “you’re kind of creepy” face.

Unfortunately if you want to be a seducer of women and not a dancing monkey there is always the small risk of this happening.

No worries. Her rejection of you will be non-verbal and you can both walk away and save face. It’s not like you confessed your feelings or tried to kiss her and failed.

However, if she has some interest in you that feeling of tension you created will make her feel even more attracted. You go from “kind of interesting” to “extremely sexy” in seconds.

How To Make it ON with Her

By only revealing your interest with vibe, not verbally or physically, sexual tension will start to build.

If she’s interested in you she will long for a release to that tension.

In other words, she secretly hopes that you are feeling this non-verbal connection too and it’s not just her.

One way you can relieve some of her tension is by grabbing and then caressing her hand. Since you haven’t touched her much, if at all, the first time you touch her hand creates a spark which can lead to mutual hand caressing.

Ever had a time in your life when you first touched a woman’s hand and you both instantly felt a powerful physical connection. It’s like that.

Seduce Her Non-Verbally

Most mainstream seduction advice puts a heavy emphasis on escalating verbally and physically.

For example, I’m sure you have been told countless times to use teasing, touch her a lot and then go for the kiss.

In my opinion escalating with seductive eye contact, silence and proximity can be way more powerful than anything you could ever say verbally or do physically.

In fact, trying to escalate by touching her a lot can actually reduce sexual tension because she already knows your intentions.

I know many guys still view escalation as this scary moment of truth where they put it all on the line.

However “escalating the vibe” is actually quite simple to do and virtually risk-free. It only requires being silent, listening and enjoying the amazing woman in front of you.

Now that sounds like something any man can do.

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