13 Flirty Lines That Create Sexual Attraction

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by Coaching Staff • Updated: August 17, 2022

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STEAL These Flirty Lines To Get Her Instantly Attracted To You

The single best tactic you can employ to increase your success with women is establishing attraction.

Yes, you flirt your way to attraction. But, the difference between flirting and just talking is that flirting is sexually charged. And 9 times out 10, it’s going to be your responsibility to take that next step and consciously sexually charge the conversation.

Why These Flirty Lines Work

  • The truth is women like to be desired
  • They want to know they’re turning you on, especially if you’ve established rapport.
  • They introduce “sexual attraction” into the equation

You’ve got that one foot in the door and they’re waiting for you to come inside (no pun intended).

Think about it, if women were chasing you all night, you would start to qualify them. Probably high on your list would be their physical appearance, very closely followed by if they found you sexually attractive and wanted to sleep with you.

Make no mistake, this is crucial. If the girl you’re talking to doesn’t feel a sexual vibe from you, it’s practically a guarantee that you’re going to strike out with her.

The good news is that establishing attraction, shifting that gear into sex-drive, is really quick, easy and fun.

Once you start doing it, you’ll be amazed at how women are just automatically more sexual around you and more sexually attracted to you.

You can also use these lines to break those little awkward moments of silence (you’ll even start to look forward to them).

Best of all, it’s a time saver. No longer will you find yourself endlessly talking to a girl, seemingly making no progress, and wondering if she’s sexually attracted to you at all.

What follows are some of my personal favorites that you can start using on girls TONIGHT.

But as the saying goes, “teach a man to fish”. So my hope is that by learning these, you’ll begin to use this technique naturally, and come up with lines on the fly to suit your own personality and surroundings.

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Keep your tone really playful with these lines.

  • Accuse her of hitting on you.
  • Tease her, and keep it light but sexual.
  • Compliment her in a unique way.
  • Fearlessly cut through the bullshit of your situation.
  • Wait for the right moment, but don’t wait too long.

Keep in mind, these are not openers. They’re rapport breakers.

Okay, no more messing around. STEAL THESE FLIRTY LINES.

Flirty Line #1: Seriously, you’ve got to stop undressing me with your eyes.

Flirty Line #2: Now you’re just flat out trying to seduce me.

Flirty Line #3: You really look like you want to kiss me right now.

Flirty Line #4: You look like you really want to make out with me right now, but try to restrain yourself. We’re in public, you know.

Flirty Line #5: Where have you been all my life? This is ridiculous.

Note: (Cheesy and obvious right? Totally works. Just keep that tone really playful. I like to throw in, “this is ridiculous” just so it doesn’t sound too serious)

Flirty Line #6: Do you want to just get married already? What are you doing Tuesday?

Flirty Line #7: We are going to fight like crazy when we’re married. I think it’ll be worth it for the make up sex, though.

Flirty Line #8: Okay you keep adjusting your glasses, and it’s like this whole sexy librarian thing you do. I can’t even concentrate right now.

Note: (Obviously not all girls wear glasses, but if she’s fiddling with her hair use that instead)

Flirty Line #9: So I think I have to just give you my number, you’re doing too good of a job.

Flirty Line #10: You’re such a badass. I don’t know if I’m more intimidated or turned on.

Flirty Line #11: Are you wearing [insert item of clothing here]? Consider me seduced.

Flirty Line #12: Okay, this sexual tension is actually ridiculous.

Flirty Line #13: You are so fucking sexy. (Keep it simple stupid)

So there you go, now its time to put these flirty lines to use and make her want you.

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