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by Bobby Rio • Updated: July 15, 2022

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what her texts mean

15 Common Female Texts And What Her Texts Mean

When it comes to communicating with women, many of us men are sadly quite lost. The subtleties of hidden meanings, reading between the lines and “just getting it” seems to be lost on many of us.  Most mean have no clue what her texts mean when she sends them.

When the conversation then transitions from real life conversation to texting, the chances of us understanding how a girl really feels about us drops to some scarily low statistics. This leads to many men giving up on all hope of ever understanding how a woman feels.

But instead of giving up, all you actually need to learn is how to read the signs and understand what she truly means in those text messages.

Text #1:  OMG! Im so sorry, I thought I replied, but I forgot.

Gentleman, if you are falling for this one, then we have more work to do than I initially anticipated. If a girl hasn’t replied to you and you’re pressing her to answer it again, you’re not going to get great results.

There will no doubt be a reason that she didn’t message you back.

  • She’s not into you
  • She’s bad at replying
  • Her priorities are on something or someone else

Don’t panic. This is the moment where you want to get the power back. If you ever sat there wondering what happened, look back through your texts and take a hard look at how often she started the conversation.

If you’re noticing a theme that you are the one starting the conversation every time, change it up. Don’t message her for longer than you usually would and see what happens.

Text #2: Good Morning 🙂

If you’re getting a text first thing in the morning from your woman, you’re in a good place. When a girl texts you first thing in the morning, it’s a clear indication that you are one of the first things on her mind.

Her texting you first is also a good sign, as when women initiate a conversation with you, it shows interest and the fact they actually want to speak to you.

Some things it can also mean:

  • If a girl is starting a conversation with you first all the time, it might show she isn’t worried about being too needy (i.e., she just see’s you as a friend)
  • If she’s starting some of the conversations and texting you first in the morning, she wants to show you she’s thinking of you without coming across as too needy

Text #3: I can’t make it tonight, sorry.

So you’ve been planning the date for a week and then last minute she cancels. She makes an excuse about being ill, having to look after the neighbor’s dog, whatever it is.

There are two main things you want to look out for in this situation:

  • Does she try and reschedule the date? If she does, that’s a good sign (as long as it’s soon). Rescheduling for next week shows she’s not that interested.
  • Does the excuse come out of the blue? If she says she’s ill and she’s been texting you all day, she’d have probably told you she was feeling terrible. If the excuse appears last minute out of the blue, chances are, she’d rather spend the evening watching Netflix, or a better offer came up.

Too many guys have back to back canceled dates where they keep making plans, and it goes nowhere. If she cancels on you, wait for her to make the next move.

Text #4: Hey stranger

This is her subtle way of saying it’s been too long since you’ve messaged her.

If you’re receiving “hey stranger” texts from women you’ve not contacted in months, it’s likely she’s either been through a break-up or is feeling super-horny.

In fact, any adaptation of “hi” that is initiated by a woman you’ve previously flirted with is a promising sign.

Most women are too busy drowning in their own set of “hey stranger” messages to start a conversation with a man they’re not interested in.

Alternatives to “Hey stranger”:

  • Hi
  • Just checking you’re alive
  • Heyyy

Text #5: U up?

This is like “hey stranger” on steroids.

It’s late at night. She’s probably too wasted to spell “you” fully, but it’s you that’s on her mind.

It’s not your sleep schedule she’s curious about. It’s your whereabouts. She wants you there with her as soon as possible.

Perhaps you’re wondering how to deal with “u up” texts when you don’t see them until the next morning.

Most girls would appreciate that they’re acknowledged, but there’s no need to make fun of her being drunk and horny last night, nor to speculate about how hungover she is.

Also, appreciate that the “drunk and horny” window of opportunity is now closed. No woman wants to be sexted while she’s nursing the world’s biggest headache.

A better alternative would be to ask about her night out, then invite her out for junk food.

Alternatives to U up?:

  • How’s the party?
  • Come to the club. It’s amazinggg.
  • This bar sucks. I’m leaving.

Text #6: A Selfie

You’ve hit the jackpot; you’re two well-played texts off receiving the coveted NSFW pictures. This message can mean a few things:

  • She’s insecure and needs validation on how she looks
  • She wants you to encourage her or send one back

Word of warning, this is not the time to send her a picture of your man sausage. In fact, it’s never the time to send her that, unless she explicitly asks for it. A naughty text message or words of encouragement are going to get you a lot further, trust me on that one.

5 Texts to NEVER Send a Girl

Text #7: I’ll let you know

Send a prayer for the man who receives this message. He’s plucked up the courage to invite his crush out, only to be met with this flaky reply.

It’s the classic response for when you’re really low on someone’s list of priorities. It usually follows news of some fictional event that “might be” happening that day.

More often than not, if she even has the respect to get back to you, it’ll be to “let you know” she’s found something better to do.

Some women send the “I’ll let you know” message because they enjoy the validation that comes from stringing men along, while others like to have a back-up in case their half a dozen better options fall through.

Either way, please don’t wait longer than a few hours for any woman to “let you know” anything. This is how lonely Friday nights are born. Make alternative plans with someone who prioritizes your company instead.

Alternatives to “I’ll let you know”:

  • It depends how hungover I am
  • Let me check my bank account
  • Sorry I missed this text. The weekend was so hectic.

Text #8: You suck

With this or any other mild insult, she’s essentially telling you that she’s disappointed in a bittersweet way.

On the surface, “you suck” might look like a bad text to receive, but in the early days of courtship, it’s often a positive sign.

You probably prompted the “you suck” text by not saying or doing something exactly as she planned.

While you don’t want to deliberately go out of your way to annoy her, it’s healthy that she doesn’t have everything her own way.

Women like to chase a little bit. If they feel that a man is easy to manipulate, they’ll lose respect and start pursuing someone else.

So, give them the space to chase, and take the “you suck” text as a sign you’re doing well.

Alternatives to “You suck”:

  • Boringgg
  • Loser
  • smh

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Text #10: Have you eaten?

I swear women never actually admit they like a man (not by text anyway). They just start mothering him and asking whether he wants dinner.
For me, the “have you eaten?” text is the biggest sign you’ve stumbled upon an angel. An angel that wants to be your one and only.

It’s when the “U up?” texts turn to “have you eaten” messages that you know things are really getting serious.

If you’re accepting food and she’s not your girlfriend yet, prepare yourself for the “what are we?” text in a few weeks.

Alternatives to “Have you eaten”: 

  • Do you need picking up?
  • I’ve washed your clothes for you.
  • When can I meet your parents?

Text #11: I’m done.

She’s probably not “done” with you yet, but it’s time to start to taking her problems seriously.

Whereas playful insults like “you suck” can be taken with a pinch of a salt, it’s serious statements like this that show she means business.

The emoticons have disappeared. The punctuation is fully on point. And she wants to know what you’re going to do about it.

If you don’t get this right, it could be the end.

Alternatives to “I’m done”:

  • You really don’t get it, do you?
  • We need to talk.
  • Fuck you.

If Her Texts Slow Down is She Losing Interest?

Text #12:  We should meet up soon.

What You Hope It Means:

That she’s genuinely interested in meeting up with you. If she’s sending this text, then you probably have yet to spend time together in person.

Your best best when she sends this text is to try and get her to pencil you in. Make a move by sending over a specific day/time you’re free and see if she has plans. You’ll learn an awful lot about her idea of “soon” if you do this.

What It Actually Means:

Honestly, probably nothing good. Subconsciously, she’s very intentional when she uses the word “soon”. Soon is vague enough to inspire hope without committing to anything real.

She doesn’t want to come off like a jerk, but she also doesn’t want to kick you to the curb yet, either.

It might take guts to try and schedule something, but at least you’ll know if she’s serious about hanging out. If she says “soon” once and then asks you when you’re free the next day, it’s all good.

But you can almost guarantee any girl that says “soon” more than once has no real intention to ever hang out with you.

Text #13:  Ha Ha

What You Hope It Means:

She thinks whatever you said is funny, or witty, or smooth.

You’re also kind of hoping she follows it up with a second text, because “Haha” on it’s own is hard to respond to.

What It Actually Means:

She could just be busy. But “Haha” with no second text message probably means she didn’t think what you said was funny, or worse, she didn’t know what to say.

Text #13:  Miss You

What You Hope It Means:

Things are progressing between you and her. And that she’s not imagining giving you a fist bump or calling you “bro” after.

What It Actually Means:

The “miss ya” text can be categorized under a larger umbrella of text messages that women commonly send.

Anytime a girl replaces “you” with “ya”, assume that she’s taking a more light hearted approach to say something that might otherwise come off as too serious.

“I see what ya did there.”

It’s flirty and light. Commonly used by ex hook ups or the girl you “almost” had a thing with a while back. If you’re into her, any “ya” texts are probably a good thing.

Text #14: Hey or Heyyy

What You Hope It Means:

You’re probably comparing it to whatever you sent first. If you texted her saying “Hey! How are you”and she replied with a measly “Hey. Good, you?”, you?ll surely find yourself wishing she said more.

What It Actually Means:

Hey with one Y means she is greeting you.

Hey with 3 Ys means she’s down to, well, you know.

Text #15: Nothing at all

It’s all about timing. You sent her a purposeful message which required an answer, and you heard nothing. If it’s a day or two, don’t panic. She’s probably just a normal human being who is living her life.

If it’s been three or more days, chances are she’s not into you. Maybe test the water again with an open-ended statement that grabs her attention:

“Just went for a run in the park and saw the craziest shit!”

If she doesn’t reply, she?s clearly boring, dead or just not that into you.

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