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by Bobby Rio • Updated: August 05, 2022

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How to Make a Girl Chase You

What if I told you that you can make yourself more attractive without changing your looks, earning more money, or even becoming a better talker?

In this article, we’re going to cover five little known qualities that make a man insanely attractive to women, and make a girl chase you.

If you don’t have these qualities, women are not going to place much value on you.

Even if you spark an initial attraction due to your good looks or humor, you’ll have a hard time keeping a woman attracted to you if you don’t have these qualities.

Chase Trait #1: Be Autonomous

Being autonomous means being self-governing.

Being autonomous includes:

  • Having an objective reality that isn’t influenced by your desires.
  • Having a clear destination in life.
  • Seeing everything around you as just secondary to where you’re going.
  • Being indifferent to approval from others.

When a woman spots this kind of guy, she’ll want to chase you to see if she can finally be the one to tame you.

The harder you are to win over, the more attractive you are.

This is why a lot of times guys who are really focused on something else, like running a business, are the most attractive guys.

Having goals is important because it makes you a man who is willing to walk away.

Have A Goal

A big mistake a lot of guys make is chasing a loss, continuing to pursue a woman who has clearly lost interest.

This often happens because the man has nothing going on in his life. He doesn’t have a goal, so the woman becomes his goal.

A woman never wants to be your only goal.

She wants to join your ride. She wants to go aboard your train when you already have some momentum.

If she’s not willing to get on it, you have to be willing to keep going without her.

That makes you attractive.

Being autonomous means not letting other people’s opinions dictate your behavior. So a woman can’t stop you from going after what you want.

A woman wants your attention, but she wants to earn it first. She wants to fight for it and slowly win you over.

If it comes too easily, then it means you didn’t really have anything going on in your life.

And what woman wants a guy who doesn’t really have much going on in his life?

Chase Trait #2:  Setting Boundaries

Setting boundaries means that you’re clear on what you expect from other people and what you’re willing to tolerate.

“Nice guys” usually don’t have boundaries.

When a woman treats a “nice guy” bad, he tolerates it.

He’s not willing to walk away.

When somebody starts treating you bad and they see they can get away with it, they keep doing it.

It could take the form of the woman continuously showing up late for a date. If you never say anything, her respect and attraction for you will diminish.

Or it could take the form of her always being on her phone during dates.

If that’s against your boundary, you need to say to her, “Hey, we’re hanging out, what are you doing on your phone? You want to be here with me or looking at a screen?”

Example of Setting Boundaries:

Another example is something my friend Christian used to do.  Anytime a woman came over to his house, when she walked into the house, he would say “shoes off at the door”, and she would take her shoes off

By showing that you have boundaries, you’re showing that you place a high value on yourself.

And that’s attractive.

Dealing with Women’s Tests:

Chase Trait #3:  Having High Standards

High standards are important because it communicates that you value yourself.

One example of having high standards is the way that you dress.

You can almost identify a guy who’s confident by the clothes he’s wearing. A guy who values himself puts effort into what he’s wearing.

Another example is the company you keep. Are you hanging out with losers or are your friends high value men who are going places?

Let’s talk about your job.

If you hate your job and complain about it, but stay working there, people will wonder why you value yourself so little.

A woman will think, “He’s willing to settle for a shitty job. He’s willing to settle for crappy clothes. Then I bet he’s willing to settle when it comes to a woman.”

Women want to feel validated by being with you… they can’t feel validated if there’s a chance that you just decided to settle for them. They want to feel like they met a high standard when you chose them as a girlfriend.

So they can’t see you as a guy who settles.

Let her see you as the picky guy with high standards.

Chase Trait #4: Strong Opinions

Strong opinions means that you don’t back down in the face of a differing opinion.

Strong opinions demonstrate confidence.

Here’s an example of what not to do:

A “nice guy” listens to a woman talk about an argument she had with her friend. He realizes the woman was wrong and her friend was right… but he agrees with her anyway and takes her side.

Instead, be willing to call a woman on her bullshit.

Tell her, “I think in this situation, you were wrong.”

She’s going to respect you more for it.

A lot of guys are afraid to admit they like something until they know the other person likes it.

Don’t do that.

Have strong opinions ready regarding activities, music, and movies.  Rob Judge even debates with women who is the best character in various Disney movies. Its a fun conversation.

Come out of the movie theater and don’t wait to hear what the other person thought of it. Express a strong opinion about the film.

Express your opinion freely without worrying what other people think.

Chase Trait #5: Being Fun

A lot of guys don’t realize what fun is.

Now, is flirting and teasing fun? Yeah. And that’s one of the first things that a lot of “nice guys” get good at.

Then they still wind up in the “friend zone?.

Why doesn’t it work? Because there’s an element of fun that “nice guys” miss out on.

They miss this important truth: one of the biggest qualities of fun is uncertainty – not knowing what the outcome is going to be.

This “uncertainty” is what makes a girl chase you.

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Embrace Uncertainty

If someone is staying within the boundaries of acceptable conversation, talking about PG-rated topics, and being politically correct, they’re just not that exciting.

“Nice guys” struggle because they seek to conform to the expectations of women.

They think, “She wants me to be gentlemanly,” and try to act that way.

They become so predictable, it’s like watching a movie when you already know the ending. That’s boring for a woman because it leaves her nothing to think about.

More fun is the guy who just says what’s on their mind and takes conversational risks.

You might call him a “jerk,” but the sexy part of him is not his jerkish behavior, it’s simply the fact that he doesn’t conform.

He tries to kiss her on the first date. At the end of the date, she doesn’t get the text from him saying “goodnight.” She doesn’t know what to expect.

She engages with him because it grabs her attention. We all engage in things more when we don’t know the outcome.

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The Next Step to Make Her Chase You

To help guys create uncertainty, I created the Unlock the Scrambler system. It’s available at the link at the bottom of this page.

Some guys say, “This sounds like a game. Why are you trying to trick women?”

I explain to them is that the scrambler’s actually really fun for a woman. It’s giving them what they want.

It’s creating a movie that is exciting to watch because they don’t know the outcome.

You’re giving them highs, you’re giving them lows. You’re creating expectations and then you’re breaking those expectations.

It helps you become a challenge. Learn the Scrambler Technique here.

In the meantime, remember the five qualities that will make women chase you.

By becoming more autonomous, setting boundaries for yourself, not tolerating rude behavior, being willing to stand up for yourself, having high standards, and embracing the fun of uncertainty, you’ll be able to hold a woman’s attention.