5 Best Opening Lines for Approaching Girls

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by Bobby Rio • Updated: September 2, 2022

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“THESE” 5 Best Opening Lines are Guaranteed to Work

When you see a woman that you want to talk to, how do you start the conversation in a way that attracts her?

In this article, I’ll give you the five best opening lines to get her wanting to talk to you more.

You can use this on women you see:

  • At a bar
  • At a coffee shop
  • At a party
  • At the store
  • Or even at work

Approaching Girls Helps You Avoid Emotional Quicksand

One of the things I tell guys to avoid is emotional quicksand.

Emotional quicksand is when you get obsessed with one girl.

We’ve all been there: all we can think about is one girl and she’s not texting us back.

When she finally calls, we feel like putty in her hands.

Much of that is because we don’t feel like we have a lot of options.

Part of the reason that we feel we don’t have a lot of options is because most guys have an inherent fear or inability to go up to a new woman.

The Fear of Approaching Girls and Starting Conversations

Imagine you see a girl at a party and she’s just your type. You want to talk to her, but these thoughts run through your head:

    • What can I say to stand out?
    • She’s going to know I’m into her the minute I walk over
    • She’s going to reject me right away
    • I’m going to look stupid
    • Everybody’s going to see me

I used to be like this 100%. I’m a natural introvert.

For me, worse than the fear of death was the fear of having to start a conversation with a woman.

But over the years, I learned the following techniques that increase your chances of success.

The Goal of Opening Lines: Get a Girl’s Guard Down

Many guys get rejected because they start conversations in a way where the woman puts her guard up.

Once that happens, it’s hard to have a flowing, vibing conversation.

The opening lines I’m going to give you will allow the woman to let her guard down so you can spark that vibe.

Best Opening Lines #1: Opinion Openers

Opinion openers are a brilliant method because they are indirect. When you walk up to her, you’re NOT saying to her, “I saw you across the room and wanted to talk to you because you’re pretty.”

Instead, opinion openers allow you to sneak in under the radar.

In these openers, you walk up and ask her opinion on something.

Now, don’t ask her opinion on conflict in the Middle East. It’s not going to start a vibing conversation.

Ask about girl-friendly topics, like pop culture. Pick things that girls like to give their opinion on. It gives you a chance to transition into a more fun conversation.

Opinion Opener Example #1: The Jonah Hill Opener

Walk up and say, “Hey, my friends and I are talking and we just need like a female’s opinion on this. Do you think Jonah Hill is sexy?”

And she’ll be like, “Jonah Hill?”

Then you’ll say, “Oh, because my friend’s girlfriend thinks Jonah Hill is like the hottest guy in Hollywood. I’m like ‘Jonah Hill?’ What do you think?”

She’ll reply, “No, he’s not,” or “Yes, he is.”

Then you transition. Say, “It’s so funny. People have such weird tastes, right?”

You’ve just transitioned into a real conversation.

Pop culture is a good topic, it’s sort of this universal thing that everybody has an opinion on.

Opinion Opener Example #2: Glorified Gossip Lines

Another great topic is glorified gossip. That’s where you say something like, “Hey, we need your opinion on something. What’s the etiquette? When you break up with somebody, how soon do you delete their pictures off of Facebook?”

She’ll say, “Why? What do you mean by ‘break up’?”

Then you’ll quip, “My friend over there, he started dating a girl, but her Facebook is full of pictures of her and her ex-boyfriend. He thinks it’s weird but doesn’t know if he should say anything.”

The girl will give you her opinion, then you’ll transition into the fun topic of social media etiquette and deleting exes.

You could start a conversation just as well with the flip side of what question. You could ask, “How soon do you start posting pictures with somebody that you’re dating?”

Girls love to give their opinions on questions like that. The next thing you know, you’re in a fun conversation.

Then you change the dynamic. You don’t stay on that topic.

That’s the key with opinion opener. You say something like, “What about you? When was the last time you did this?” or “You seem like the kind of girl that would say that.”

You start doing an observation about her, which then allows you to keep that conversation flowing.

Opinion Opener Example #4: The Drunk “I Love You’s” Opener

Another opinion opener that I’ve taught my clients over the years is: “Do drunk ‘I love you’s’ count?”

You go, “Hey, do drunk ‘I love you’s’ count?”

The girl will ask, “What do you mean?”

You’ll say, “If you say ‘I love you’ to somebody for the first time, does it count?”

She’ll go, “What?”

You’ll explain, “My friend just started dating this girl a couple weeks ago. She was drunk and said ‘I love you’ to him. Now he’s like, ‘Did she mean it or was she just drunk? Does it count?’'”

The girl will give her opinion. One of the things I always do to transition to a more intimate type of conversation is to say, “What about if you say ‘I love you’ during really good sex? Does that count?”

The girl will always blush. She’ll be like, “Well, if it’s really good.”

And from there, you’ll get a flirty, sensual conversation going.

Best Opening Lines #2: Using Props

Props are things that you have on you. Take advantage of them in your opinion openers.

My friends used to joke with me about an old shirt I had.

“That shirt looks like something a janitor would wear,” they’d say.

While wearing the shirt, I would go up to women and ask, “Hey, I’ve got to ask you something. Does this shirt make me look like a janitor?”

The women would respond with something like, “What?”

I would say, “Because I was walking over to the bathroom and some guy goes, ‘Hey, there’s a spill in there. Can you clean it up?’ And I’m like, ‘What?’”

It would always get the women laughing. The women would say, “Yeah, that kind of does look like a janitor shirt,” or “No, it doesn’t,” but you started the conversation indirectly.

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Best Opening Lines #3: Eavesdropping

The next way to start a conversation is through eavesdropping.

If the girls are sitting there talking about the topics we’ve covered so far – pop culture news and glorified gossip, it’s a great time to launch into an opener.

Let’s say you overhear them wondering when it’s okay to leave pictures of an ex on their social media page, or when is it too soon to post pictures of a new boyfriend.

As soon as you overhear it, chime in and say, “Hey, I got to tell you, it is never appropriate to keep an ex’s pictures posted” or “I would never let a girl post my picture after the first date. I would be like, ‘Oh, that’s going too fast.’”

Give your opinion on something they’re already talking about.

Maybe they’re arguing about what’s better, Whole Foods or Trader Joe’s. Speak up and say, “I got to jump in here. Whole Foods is nowhere near as good as Trader Joe’s. Trader Joe’s blows it away.”

When To Use Eavesdrop Openers

Eavesdropping works really well when the women are talking about something light.

If they’re talking about some problem they’re having, or any type of serious conversation, you don’t want to use this.

Do it only when they’re having a fun conversation.

Often, when they want you to talk to them, they’ll have a conversation that allows you to jump in, because that’s the method they use when they approach us guys.

Best Opening Lines #4: Situational Openers 

A situational opener is when you use something in your environment to start a conversation.

I was at a bar once when some drunk guy started dancing on top of the bar.

I noticed a cute girl sitting next to me. I turned to her and said, “I’m going to get up there next. I better hear you clapping for me.”

She started laughing and I said, “Hey, by the way, I’m Bobby.” We were instantly having a conversation.

If you can’t think of something to say, you can find a topic by noticing something out of the ordinary in your environment.

If you’re at a party and notice a really creepy guy walking around, you can joke around with a girl and say, “Hey, I just gave your number to that guy over there. I hope you’re cool with it.”

Situation Opener Example #1: Fictional Situational Openers

If you can’t notice something noteworthy in your environment, feel free to make it up.

Let’s say you’re out at a bar. Tell a woman, “Did you see those two girls fighting out in the parking lot?”

Whether or not there was actually a fight in the parking lot, she’s never going to know. You can use that as a way to start a conversation.

Maybe there’s a bartender who’s kind of rude. You can project some behavior onto him and tell a woman, “Hey, that bartender is completely ignoring us. What’s going on here?”

All of this is contingent on you being able to quickly transition away from it.

The Importance of Transitioning After Your Opening Line

It’s very easy to make a comment like, “Hey, do you see those two girls fighting in the parking lot,” and then she’ll go, “Oh no, I didn’t see it.”

Then you elaborate, “Oh yeah, it was crazy. They were ripping each other and biting and stuff,” and she’ll laugh.

But then you’ve got to be ready to seamlessly say, “Hey, what’s your name?”

You don’t need to have anything golden after that. You just need to transition away from the opener.

You have to be prepared.

Tell yourself, “I’ve got to do the talking right now because I started the conversation with her. I used this topic of the asshole bartender or the weirdo at the party or the guy dancing on the bar. Now I’ve got to take the lead in transitioning away from that topic. I’ve got to start a flirtatious dynamic between us.”

Best Opening Lines #5: Simple Openers

This next type of opener is the easiest.

It works great with a girl who:

    • Is at a party where you two have mutual acquaintances
    • Works at your job but you two don’t interact
    • Is frequently at the same coffee shop you go to

Say to her, “You know what? I don’t think we’ve met. I’m Bobby. Nice to meet you. What’s your deal?”

That question, “What’s your deal?” is a go-to thing to say.

She’ll answer and then you can start a conversation.

It’s very simple, but it works really well if there’s a familiarity already there.

Because, when you see somebody all the time or when you have mutual friends, it’s very natural to introduce yourself

Simple Opener Example #1: Humorous Openers

Humorous openers are when you say something that’s a little funny, but a little direct.

This was Jon Sinn’s all-time favorite opening line.

Jon would see two girls at a party or bar. He would walk up to them and say, “You two are way too classy to be here. No, I’m just kidding. I’m Jon.”

He was saying they seem too classy to be here, which is a compliment, but then he adds that he’s just kidding, and it’s a sort of disconnect.

Women would wonder, “Is he being sarcastic?” They don’t really know.

It gets him in the door.

Girls would often ask, “What do you mean?” and he would run with it.

Simple Opener Example #2: The Low-Energy Opener

If you notice two girls acting low-energy at a party or bar, tell them, “You two look like you’re having the most fun here,” in sort of a sarcastic way.

It gets you in the door.

The Point of it All These Opening Lines

Remember, the point of all these openers is just to get in the door.

Once you’re in the door, you’ve got to know how to keep that conversation going. You’ve got to know how to transition from this opening line.

A lot of guys never get in the door because they’re so scared of this one part: starting a conversation.

Then how do you transition into a conversation that creates a fun and flirty vibe?

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