25 Things Women SECRETLY Want Men To Do (But Never Say)

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by Bobby Rio • Updated: October 4, 2022

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Here’s everything I wish they taught you in school about women…

Life would have been so much easier if I new these things 10 years ago…

So in this article, I’m going to share the 25 secrets women wish more men would know.

Hi, I’m Bobby Rio, and after 13 years coaching men with their dating life, here’s one thing I discovered about women:

  • What works is normally counter-intuitive, this means what feels like it should work, usually doesn’t.
  • And what actually works to attract a girl or keep her interested are things most men never realize.

So Im about to share, the 25 secrets that make the biggest difference in getting that one girl you really want…

I’m going to go through them quick, so jot down notes if you have to.

Because putting even one or two of these secrets into action can dramatically change a woman’s opinion of you for the better.

Ok, lets get into them…

These 25 Secrets Can Change A Woman’s Mind About You

#1) The value a woman places on you isn’t related to your looks, money, or even how confident you are. She bases her value on how she feels when she’s around you..

This is why broke guys who can flirt or create sexual tension, will always do better than a boring rich guy.

#2) Its not that Girls want what they can’t have, its that girls want what they’re NOT SURE if they can have.

If she doesn’t have to work for you, she’s not going to want you for long.

#3) Chasing a girl = losing her, the minute she senses you’re getting desperate, the minute you start trying too hard, the minute the fear of losing her consumes you, you chase her away.

#4) When a woman feels that she is slowly arousing you, she becomes AROUSED… The key word there is slowly, let her feel like she’s earning your sexual arousal.

#5) Girls are constantly testing you to see if you back down, the minute you do, she loses attraction. That said, if she sees she can easily upset you, or get you to lose your cool, she loses attraction too.

# 6) Chemistry can only occur when you’re acting out the masculine role, and she’s acting out the feminine role.

Its impossible for her to feel chemistry if you force her to lead the interaction or be the assertive one…

#7) Flowers, poems, romantic dinners are a treat she earns, but they aren’t a treat if you do it all the time or right off the bat.

#8) A woman doesn’t fall in love with you when she’s with you, she falls in love when she’s away from you thinking about you.

But here’s where guys mess up, you do NOT keep her thinking about you by constantly being around or checking in with her all the time. That actually pushes you out of her mind.

#9) It’s better to be respected by a woman than to be liked by her.

#10) The person who is least dependent on the outcome of the relationship will automatically draw the other person in and hold all the power.

#11) The more you’re able to let your raw, unfiltered personality out, the more attractive you become.

#12) Anytime you reward a woman’s bad behavior, she loses respect for you.

This means if she’s acting rude or flakey, and you start trying harder to impress her, your value plummets in her eyes.

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#13) If you’re trying to get an ex back, there is literally nothing you can do that’s more powerful than making her jealous.

The catch is she can’t think you’re trying to make her jealous, then it doesn’t work and actually has the opposite effect.

#14) We pursue that which retreats from us. We never find someone more attractive than at the moment we sense them pulling away.

It’s almost an instinct to try to win them back, even if we weren’t super into them to begin with.

#15) When it comes to a relationship, a woman wants to feel like she’s slowly winning you over, that the more you get to know her, the more you realize how special she is.

When she doesn’t get it all at once, or easily, she appreciates it more. Her self worth goes up because she felt like she worked for it, invested in it, and earned it.

#16) Attention = attraction, the first step is getting her attention, WITHOUT seeming like you’re trying to get her attention…

If you don’t have her attention, you lose.

There is a saying: “If she can look away, she can walk away.”

#17) Never try to change a woman’s mind, change her mood. Logic doesn’t work on some, emotions dictate her behavior. It doesn’t matter if you’re not her type, if she feels aroused around you, her mind will change.

#18) A woman can easily gauge how much a man wants or needs the relationship by simply pulling back a little bit.

This is because when a man is upset, he is easy to read.

Sometimes a woman deliberately won’t call, just to see how you’ll respond.

#19) Show her, don’t tell her. Don’t tell a woman you’re adventurous or or you’re trust worthy or honest.

Do something adventurous with her, be trust worthy and honest around her.

#20) Give her the gift of MISSING YOU.

A lot of guys say, I want to do nice things for her, I want to give her gifts.

Well, the greatest gift you can give her is the gift of missing you.

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#21) Always demonstrate a willingness to walk away.

When a woman knows she can lose you, your value goes up. When she thinks she has you no matter what, she stops wanting you.

#22) A woman wants a man that can both respect and dominate her at the same time. Let that sink in.

#23) Attraction isn’t black or white. This means a girl’s opinion of you is constantly shifting.

Which is good news if you messed up, because it’s a lot easier to fix than you think. Just as quickly as you lost her, you can re-attract her.

But it also means that if you get lazy or let your guard down, you can easily lose her.

#24) Once a woman knows she has you, it’s over. And you’ll never have her. Enough said.

#25) As my friend Chris Anderson says, Escalation is attractive.

A lot of guys are scared to go for the kiss.

But here’s the thing, just the act of going for the kiss, or holding her hand, or inviting her home, makes you more attractive to her.

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Attraction is Counter-Intuitive

See the thing with women is what works is normally counter-intuitive, this means what feels like it should work, usually doesn’t.

And what actually works to attract a girl or keep her interested are things most guys never realize.

So, to determine if you might be making subtle mistakes with women, without even realizing it, I recommend taking my free 10-question quiz, it will provide 10 common situations, and ask you to choose how you’d react.

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